elephants on safari hluhluwe game reserve

Cheetah, Leopard & Elephant's on Safari this last week again. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve and iSimangaliso Wetland Park have once again proven why this is such a great destination, over the last few days our clients have enjoyed some amazing sights while out on safari to these two amazing reserves. While in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi the rangers where fortunate to witness some incredible sightings these included being surrounded by up to 150 Elephants among them some new borns. After some rainfall over the past few days one can see how quickly the reserve has transformed itself into a green paradise.

Should you be travelling to the reserve during the months of November and January please do take particular note that the rivers do flood so please do enquire at the reception if or not they are flooding as this may cuase some frustration should you need to catch a flight.



Theo and Stacey where particularly lucky to have a Cheetah kill in the lower Umfolozi Game Reserve, while Theo witnessed some Wild Dog pups close to Mpila Camp, Bryan had the Lions with two separate kills close to Mpafa hide. Its a great time to go in safari to these reserves especially during this time of the year as the rain starts and with numerous new born's it gives predators ample opportunity, unfortunately this is the wild. The reserve an impressive 96000 hectares offers one ample area to go on safari to and the area that should be utilised is by far the Umfolozi Game Reserve, this area is a lot more open with great vantage points and numerous hides are also available. Make sure that you travel to the Sonthuli area as one may also enjoy a picnic here while watching the wildlife drink from the Umfolozi River.

leopard st lucia

In the iSimangaliso Wetland Park over the past few days we have had Leopards stalking, Leopards sitting next to the game drive vehicles, Buffalo, Rhino and a lot of Hippo's grazing to mention but just a few of the magnificent sightings while out on Night Drives. The day drives have also been tremendous with Stacey being fortunate to have a Black Rhino walk past her game drive vehicle during our day safari. The water is fast become enjoyable and bathing and snorkelling with some great fish species being present.

On the St Lucia Estuary and more particularly the Hippo & Croc Boat Safaris offered some incredible sunsets while enjoying the Hippo's yawning in the background, fish eagles swooping down to catch the fish of the day and Crocs basking on the banks. During our winter the Hippos can be seen enjoying the warmth as they lie on the banks as well. The weavers are back and fast engineering their nests for inspection by their counterparts.

sunset boat safari st lucia estuary


Until our next updates enjoy and and always keep an look out for the wildlife.