cheetah cub

Its been a week of Elephants and Lions while on safaris to Hluhluwe. While out in the bush the rangers have been witnessing up to 100 Elephants as they start their migration to the North once again, numerous herds have been spotted and as one can imagine incredible sightings while on safari have been had. One of the top sightings had to have been 9 Lions on a Buffalo kill absolutely incredible, this happened on the road in the lower Umfolozi. Cheetah cubs where also a great sighting and one should remain in the lower Umfolozi as this is the area in which they move.

Its a magic time of the year, the weather cooler in the mornings but really not as cold as the rest of the country as we experience a sub tropical climate. By 8 am one takes those lumpy jackets off and why not enjoy some warm coffee or Tea while on a quick safari breakfast stop. Once again we have received some light rain during the past week and this has kept the Umfolozi river running at a constant flow, this will have a tremendous impact later on in the dry season as in previous years by now we would have had almost no water in the river. A top tip remains to keep to all water holes and sources while within the Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve they remain valuable places for great sightings while out and about on a safari.

Some tragic news as numerous Rhino’s where poached close to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, this madness hopefully will be curbed soon as at this rate the Rhino population will never survive this onslaught. Please while on or in any reserve should you come across any suspicious behaviour please do notify the authorities immediately. Please do not approach any one as they might be armed and dangerous.

The grass in the Umfolozi has fast become short once again as it dies off and this will contribute greatly to your next safari be it a self drive safari or an organised safari, please keep to the speed limits and should one be doing a self drive do purchase a map of the reserve as this will assist you greatly.

We hope that you enjoy your time in the reserve and should you have any stories or pictures that you would like to share please do not hesitate in notifying us. Until our next update have a great time on a Hluhluwe Safari.