The past week proved to have been magnificent with numerous Elephants witnessed during a Hluhluwe Safari. After a week of cooler weather and scattered showers sightings while out on safari where quite. However over the past week or so Lions and Elephants seemed to be part of the daily Hluhluwe Safari sightings list. Further down south past Mpila Lion packs where seen on virtually everydays outing. Elephants around almost every bush. Sightings such as these not rare however a bit early in the year for such amazing sightings.

Large herds of Elephants close to Sonthuli  and No21, where recorded with other sightings close to the Umfolozi River. One such sighting was where a vehile refused to move out of the way of an oncoming Elephant, the clients in the vehicle where under the impression that this could be a photographic oppotunity of a lifetime. They quickly realised that the Elephant had no interest in being photographed and the clients fortunately moved out of the his way.

Large packs of Lions up to 7 in a pack where recorded and two seperate days. Its a glorious reserve and makes for a incredible place to go on safari, be it a self guided safari or organised, just please do make sure that you purchase a map at the gate and please do take note of the shear size of the reserve.

Enjoy and explore until our next Safari sighting update.