An amazing day while on Safari in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. This past week with its od weather patterns proved to be exciting, cool and really amazing to be on a Safari within the reserve. Numerous sightings of Buffalo, Rhino, Cheetah, Lion where seen. On of the many highlights included this Elephant that grazed us with his presence while enjoying a really close up of our clients. He continued on strutting his stuff and really giving the clients some amazing photographic opportunities. His inquisitiveness had our clients clenched to their seats while he sniffed around, the best advice for times likes these is to remain silent and keep movements to a minimum. Switch the vehicles motor off and really just enjoy the moment. Good rangers can read the movements and reactions of Elephants thus ensuring that you are in good hands at all times.

After his curiosity had subsided a bit he continued on with a sand bath. Once he had decided he had showed of enough and that the clients had taken enough pictures he quickly disappeared of in to the thick bush.


Some other amazing sightings while in Hluhluwe Game Reserve included these Cheetah cubs and Lions.


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