Once again the fight against Poachers is being pushed to the limits. 4 Rhino’s once again have been poached in South Africa this time in Hluhluwe Game Reserve. Poachers with absolute no regard for wildlife are becoming more daring by the day. Remuneration and greed being the driving force behind this tragic slaughter of our Rhino has become an epic battle. From unsophisticated butchers using only axes to remove the Horns to the more progressive Poacher making use of Helicopters to dart the animals then remove their Horns.

With numerous wildlife reserves to private reserves South Africa faces an enormous task of trying to police large areas, the man power being employed to safe guard our wildlife has fast become an industry on its own.

Anti poaching units and private business have contributed immensely to save the Rhinos, once again only through dedication, education and respect for our wildlife will this madness stop.

For more information goto:

Rewards for Rhino Poaching Information: http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/reward-offered-for-rhino-poaching-info-1.1232244

Please remain vigilant while in any reserve, report any suspicious behaviour immediately.