Some updates while in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Park, over the past few weeks we have been very fortunate to have witnessed so many Leopards, Lions and Elephants. The rainy season has not been as good as in previous years however fortunately we have received some rain over the past few weeks. This in turn has changed the look and feel of the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park completely from a dark brown to a magnificent green paradise almost unbelievable.

However with the rain comes a new problem predators previously easily spotted they now become a tad bit more difficult to spot due the abundance of water sources found else where in the park. Not only do the wildlife go else where for their water but the predators now perch them selves in the thickets making it very difficult to spot them at times. However its not all gloom and doom the rangers have years of experience in the park and therefore with their skills are able to track the movements and read the signs that are present during their safaris into the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park.

Here are some of our Latest Updates while in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park:

hluhluwe imfolozi safari

Elephants at the watering holes, this Elephant displayed playful like tendencies and the clients where in awe while watching him have a ball of time. Its always such a great time to witness these mammoth creatures playing in the water, during the warm months Elephants will usually spray themselves with mud and water this is done to cool themselves down and also to keep a layer of mud on themselves during the day almost like a sunblock.

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Clients enjoying a break and the rangers getting to know the clients. All safari outings include catered breakfasts and traditional South African barbeques. Heritage Tours & Safaris fleet of Open Game Drive Vehicles are all permitted with the needed permits and carrier permits, all vehicles offer comfortable seating arrangements and each vehicle carries additional coolers for refreshments. The rangers all have unique interests and will gladly share their views and passions with you while out on safari into this splendid reserve.

clients on safari in imfolozi game park

Each Safari poses a unique and exceptional experience from a African Sunrise to the sounds of the bush rustling as predators stalk, the alarm calls of the game and the movements of the birds if one just watches and listens one can be but only memorized at the experience. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve is the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa and with 96000 hectares of area in which to travel too one may be easily convinced that this reserve is the best reserve in Africa. From times gone by when King Shaka used the Umfolozi as his personal hunting grounds to the techniques developed by the Game Capture Unit to save the Rhinos from Extinction its truly a place of bewilderment.

rhino in umfolozi game reserve

Top tip for November and December, silly season. As this is the most popular time and busiest time we would like to offer you some tips while in the reserve. The northern section Hluhluwe will become incredibly busy and at times very congested at some sightings, please drive safely and slowly please do be patient and do note that the lower Imfolozi will be less congested and with a lot more space one can enjoy a comfortable safari. The area also offers more open space and therefore more viewing opportunities. Stay close to the water sources and please do make sure that the Black Umfolozi River is not in flood as this may cause some inconvenience should you be stranded on the opposite side.

Heritage Tours & Safaris departs daily on safari outings and should you like to join them please do not hesitate in contacting them, for more information with regards to rates please click here