Rhino Poaching Big Business

The estimated price tag for a Rhino Horn paid to poachers is R300 000 plus. In previous months we have heard of Vets getting involved in poaching and now the latest is offical rangers.

Where or when will this end, Elephants poached for their ivory. Now Rhino horn tops the list and with the amounts paid over to ruthless poachers what might be next.

Poaching has long been an excuse and without proper enforcement who knows what will remain of Africa’s wildlife. Financial incentives far exceed monthly or even yearly incomes for many African’s and therefore a quick buck becomes the motive. Foresight and pride of our what we have seems long gone and soon we will be faced with extinction.

An official game ranger employed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife was being investigated and suspicion’s behaviour cuased them to move the man in question to a different unit so as to be watched more carefully. A trap was set whereby he was arrested.

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We need to educate and enforce what it is that we have that makes us proud.