Hluhluwe Game Reserve Routes:

Please note that various routes are available within the Hluhlluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, one should also take season into consideration as the above will most deffinately have an impact on the game viewd during ones safari. The reserve a 96000 hectare game park allows one to travel to various areas within the reserve. Taking into account Rivers and vegetation will offer better sightings.

During winter months the water sources become less and the animals will migrate towards the south (Umfolozi Game Reserve) here larger sources of water will remain and therefore offer better sightings. Travel past the Umfolozi Mpilla Camp towards Sontuli and enroute keep an eye out as this has proven to be one of the best Game Reserve routes with in Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. Picnic sites and hides have been developed near the rivers and watering holes and one should really spend as much time their.

Best Game Viewing areas in Hluhluwe Game Reserve:

The Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve is divided into two reserves on the map with more hilly topography in the North and more level ground in the South, the South remains a better option for game viewing. Areas one should visit during the safari should include Sontuli Loop, Centenery Centre, NO17, NO 22 as these areas offer very good sightings.

Best times to visist Hluhluwe Game Reserve:

From mid June to end January. This period coincides with the lowest rain and also approaching the rainny season (Nov) stay close to water sources and try to get into the reserve as early as possible as this is when the Cats are most active. Sunrise and Sunsets have proven the best times to be in any game reserve and no need to try and re invent the wheel.

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