More amazing and Unique sightings while out on safari to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. Over the last couple of days our game rangers have once again been fortunate to witness some magnificent sightings. As we approach the dryer time the water sources slowly become less and sightings increase. This you might find odd however true as this forces the various animals to certain areas and thus better sightings while on a Hluhluwe Safari.

Early morning and late afternoon safaris remain the best times to venture into the game reserve and this is when the Cats are prone to be more active and may be witnessed closed to the remaining water sources within the reserve. Our primary areas for finding of the best sightings while out on a safari remains the southern Umfolozi Reserve, with more open savanah grasslands and water sources it provides us ample area in which to travel too. Should you decide to do a self drive safari then it is our suggestion to travel to the Umfolozi side. Travel past Mpila Camp and onto the gravel road, travel slow and keep an eye out for any movement. The hides within the reserve also make for some amazing sightings while on safari, please ensure before getting out of ones vehicle that you first take a good look around and ensure that no unforeseen predators are lurking in the bush.

Joinning a organised Hluhluwe Safari can just make all the difference in sightings, less fuss and more time to sit back and relax. The game rangers have years of experience and will truly make your safari a memorable one. The reserve 96000 hectares may be dounting however with experience one has a better chance of witnessing the Big 5 and more. Open game drive safari vehicles have been designed with height and safety in mind, each and every game drive has to comply to the Roads acts and also have to carry certain permits and insurances, before booking with any tour or safari operator please always ask before hand if the company is fully registered. The game reserve also issues each and every game drive vehicle with a certain colored and numbered disk this is for compliance and also may be used to report certain incidants to the authorities.

For infoation please do not hesitate in dropping us a email and we will gladly forward you all the related information.

Until our next update on Hluhluwe Safaris keep exploring.