pack of Wild Dogs wild dogs in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park sunrise wild dog

To witness the Wild Dogs while on Safari in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park not only is amazing but an incredible sight, these animals are truly amazing as they hunt in packs and their hunting success rate can be as high as 95% that is higher than any other Cat including the Lion’s.

This past weekend we where fortunate to witness an enormous pack of Wild Dogs just before the Mpila Camp. The clients where very lucky to have them on the road as we followed them and stayed within close proximity for quite some time. African Wild Dogs will always hunt in packs and their primary tactic is to tire the animal that they are hunting. A tactical manoeuvre is incorporated, they will create a left and right flank with various animals taking turns to out run the intended victim. This is an incredible show of utilising tactics within a pack, tacking turns and alternating as the Dogs become tired they will continue until the animal can virtually no longer run any further, it is then that the remainder of the pack will tack the prey down.

At present the Park is also very lucky as 6 new Wild Dogs have recently been added to the pack. We unfortunately have not yet seen them however as the months go by we will hopefully get some nice pics of them. As newborns their mother will keep them in a den for upto a month before allowing them out. It is very rare to witness them as they dens are also well chosen and hidden from predators.

The remainder of the safari was very nice as Lion’s and Elephants where also witnessed during the days Safari. As we are presently in winter it is a good time to travel to the lower Umfolozi side should you be on a safari. This is the best time as the water levels have dropped considerably and this makes for some incredible safari sightings. Travel past Mpila towards Sonthuli and make sure to stop at the hides on the way as they have been well situated within the game reserve. Please ensure that before leaving your vehicle that the area is checked as the areas are not fenced and one really does not want to walk into a Lion or some other predator. Sonthuli Loop located next to the Umfolozi River one may picnic and also enjoy a traditional South African Braai. Restroom facilities are also available in the area, please do make sure that one uses the water sparingly. Always remain vigilant and please do make sure that the picnic area is cleaned afterwards not only will this assist in the area being kept clean but also keep other animals away for future use.

Have an incredible time in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park its an amazing place to be and enjoy. Until our next update while out on Safari