Hluhluwe Game Reserve Buffalo

Wildlife Journal

Yesterday’s Safari sightings into Hluhluwe Game Reserve with Heritage Tours & Safaris:

Early morning pick up from St Lucia 5:00am and transfered clients to the Nylazi Gate in the Southern section of the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. Arrived at the gate by 5:45 am a slight breeze but remember that our winter by far is really not that cold all that one would require is a light jacket and longs, Heritage Tours game drive vehicles all close up during the transfer to the game reserve and the game ranger will only open the vehicle once he or she arrives at the game reserve, blanckets are also supplied.

Getting started on the Safari into the reserve each game ranger will do an introduction with regards to the game reserve size, animal population and some brief interesting facts. From there they will continue with the safari.

Sightings recorded yesterday included:

  • Buffalo
  • Lion
  • Cheetah
  • Rhino
  • Elephant

The rivers at present are a bit low as we are now in our dry season this however contributes to better wildlife sightings as the concentration of wildlife occur around the water sources.

During breakfast clients enjoyed the amazing sounds and sights of the African sunrise with a warm cup of coffee.

Other Safaris offered by Heritage Tours & Safaris yesterday included:

Whale Watching St Lucia

Our first whale watching trip launched at 7:00 am the surf conditions where favourable and all clients where extremely excited, the trip out into the Indian Ocean remains one to remember, sightings included 2 seperate pods of Humpback Whales the first pod not as active, Tail slapping was experienced, our crew aboard the vessel broke away and made their way to another pod this pod by far was very active with numerous Breaches being photographed. The first whale watching breach is one that will remain with you for the rest of your life, just to witness the gracefulness and size is amazing. After numerous breaches our crew broke away and made their way further along the coast where a large pod of Common Dolphins where witnessed.

The second outing at 9:30 am was just as amazing with even more breaches.

Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari on Lake St Lucia Estuary

3 Trips where offered today with the Sunset trip being the most amazing one of all, each trip offered clients sightings of Hippo’s and Crocodiles basking on the banks of the St Lucia Estuary. The bird life at this time of the year gets one close to African Fish Eagles, Giant Kingfishers, Herons and much much more dont forget that camera.

Sunset Night Drives

Last nights Night Drive a bit colder than usual due to a cold front coming in, blankets spot lights and the fresh African air. Buffalo, Chameleons and Hippo where everywhere No Leopard where recorded though.

Until our next update stay informed and updated as to what one may see while in Zululand on Safari with Heritage Tours & Safaris

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