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game drive

Game Drive Hluhluwe Game Reserve

Game Drive into Hluhluwe Game Reserve are ofered in two ways, self drive game drive or a organised safari game drive. With access to 96000 hectares of property one may access both gravel and tar roads within the reserve. Restuarants, Hides and picnic areas have been well established and offer spectacular sights. Enjoying a game drive one needs to do some searching before hand to know it is that you would like to travel too.

Benefits of Self Drive Game Drive:

  1. Make a priority of gathering as much information as to where the animals of interest are being witnessed before hand. Uploaded sightings and Journals
  2. Ensure you know where you are and when the gates closing times are as the park will enforce a fine for late departures.
  3. Ask as many tour operators for as much information as possible.
  4. Be specific and know where it is that you are going to travel too as some areas within the reserve may be very quiet.
  5. Should you require more information we will gladly forward it to you email us at

Game Drive Safari:

  • Book with a experienced and established tour safari operator
  • Ask if they offer the Game Drive Safari in a open game drive vehicle
  • How much knowledge do the guides have
  • Are the vehicles reliable
  • Reliability
  • A game drive safari may be easier and much more fun
  • A organised professional safari will offer you great information and great sightings

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