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All of our South African Safari Packages highlight the very best that the area has to offer, Experience and Discover the best that KwaZulu Natal has to offer on Safari.

Are you ready to Travel to South Africa on Safari?

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    Safari Packages South Africa

    KwaZulu Natal, Zululand

    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa home of the Zulu's. This province makes for some magnificent and incredible South African Safari Packages. The abundance of wildlife rivals that of the Kruger National Park or even more so being in close proximity to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park which is South Africa's very first World Heritage site.

    Never before has it been so easy to enjoy wildlife and explore the wonders of this spectacular province a true Magnificent Safari Experience.

    The following Safari Packages include and highlight the very best that the area may offer according to the amount of time you have to spend in the area.


    Safari Packages South Africa, Options (Park Safari's)

    1 Night Bush, Boat & Sunset Safari

    This One Night Bush & Boat Safaris & Night Drive Safari takes you into the oldest proclaimed park in Africa, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, and then onto the St Lucia Estuary South Africa's first world heritage site.

    Go in search of the elusive Leopard on a night drive safari, witness Hippos by boat, and venture into the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa.  Breath Taking Views and incredible scenery awaits you.

    1 night bush, boat & night drive safari package

    2 Night Bush & Beach Safari

    Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve & iSimangaliso Wetland Park, 2 Night Bush & Beach Safari. Take to the bush on a Big 5 full day safari on a open game drive safari vehicle into one of the wildest places in Africa, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. Gravel roads, rolling hills, roars of Lions or watch as Elephants drink.

    Travel on the largest estuarine system in Africa the St Lucia Estuary. Discover the incredible and majestic iSimangaliso Wetland Park by day and night. This place that we call home.

    2 night hluhluwe umfolozi safari package

    2 Night Exclusive Package

    This 2 Night Exclusive Package is just for you and your Family or Friends. Travel by air-conditioned SUV and enjoy the very best that Zululand has to offer. 

    2 night safari package

    Safari Packages South Africa - Most Popular

    3 Night Safari Package

    Join us as we travel too, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve ( the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa) & iSimangaliso Wetland Park (South Africa's very first world heritage site)

    Pristine beauty is preserved in two exceptionally scenic parks. Set out to explore both on our open game drive safari vehicles. Spot wildlife up close with your personal knowledgeable guide, African sunrise in Hluhluwe Umfolozi & Sunsets in iSimangaliso Wetland Park. This South African Safari Package has to be one of the most popular.

    3 night hluhluwe umfolozi safari package

    4 Night Zululand Package

    Experience the wonders of Zululand from the unique perspective of the Zulu People who call this home.

    Settle down in St Lucia a world heritage site, be bewildered by the Hippo's waddling down the streets at night. Travel to the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa as we go in-search of the African Big 5, witness Zulu war dancing and see some of the most amazing sunsets on Earth. Compliment your adventure with game drives, night drives, walks on unspoilt beaches and visit the local markets. Magnificence awaits.

    4 night zululand safari package

    6 Nights Safari & Scuba Holiday Package

    For the Adventurous, our latest Adventure Package offers Big 5 Safari's, Boat Safari's, Night Drive Safari's and Scuba Diving. Discover both Northern Zululand and then travel to the South Coast for some incredible scuba diving adventures.

    Accommodation and Transfers included.

    Safari and Scuba Holiday Packages Durban

    7 Night Safari Package

    Discover, enjoy and experience the wonders of Zululand. Settle down in St Lucia and be memorized and bewildered by its incredible beauty . This safari packages includes numerous safaris, day and night, boat cruise, Zulu culture, Bush walk, Elephant and Cheetah interaction. This truly is a busy but splendid package.

    Depart knowing that you have witnessed the very best that KwaZulu Natal has to offer.

    7 night safari package south africa

    9 Night Exclusive Safari Package

    Ready to explore and discover the beauty that surrounds KwaZulu Natal on this exclusive 9 Night Exclusive Safari Package?

    9 Night Exclusive Safari Package KwaZulu Natal

    Turtles & Wildlife Safari Package

    Imagine Leather Back and Logger Head Turtles a sighting that will last a lifetime, Big 5 Safaris, Night Drive Safari, Boat Cruise, Elephant Interaction and much more.

    turtle safari tour package

    Safari Packages South Africa - Some Frequently asked Questions

    All of the above overnight safari packages include 4-star Bed & Breakfast type accommodation. The accommodation is based in St Lucia, KZN as this is the most central point from which to enjoy all of the outings and safaris. 

    Should you prefer a different style of accommodation simply let us know and we will gladly assist you with the various options available. 

    There truly is no right or wrong time to book a safari package. This would rather depend on busy times and prevailing weather. 

    KwaZulu Natal becomes quite busy during the high season being our December holidays from 15 December to mid-January.

    Game Parks and most beaches do tend to become quite busy. 

    Weather conditions play an important factor when deciding when to visit. Being tropical December to the end of February are hot and humid times. 

    Heritage Tours & Safaris offers these safari packages, they are not set dates and therefore offer you more flexibility. 

    Email is by far the easiest way to get in touch with us and let us know which of the super packages you would be interested in. 

    Should you like to call us by all means our landline is +27 35 5901555

    Unfortunately, we do not offer Live Bookings for our Safari Packages Online this is primarily due to the fact that most of our clients would like some minor adjustments made and that we are more than willing to accommodate these adjustments.

    We pride ourselves in being able to offer the above safari packages all in house. 

    Therefore there are no hidden costs whatsoever, nor commissions paid to any other operators. 

    The simple answer is no. If compared our safari packages offer more activities, and all safaris are conducted in authentic safari open game drive vehicles. 

    In many instances, our safari packages are cheaper and this is primarily due to the fact that we do not pay commissions to third parties. 

    Generally, the drier months are better, from May to the end of October. This is primarily due to there being less water which ensures that the game will be more prone to be at watering holes. 

    During the drier months, the vegetation is also thinner which effectively helps one with better sightings. KwaZulu Natal in particular is a popular area to enjoy multiple Day Safaris as well as Overnight Safari Packages due to its sub-tropical climate. 

    This province is also home to the magnificent Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park which happens to be the largest game reserve and is also home to the African Big 5.

    This would depend entirely if you are opting for a Safari on a Private Reserve or in a Public Reserve as well as the area that you would like to visit. 

    Kruger National Park is the largest public reserve and due to its popularity thus offers its day safaris at a higher price per person. This park also has numerous private reserves within the park and bordering it. These private reserves do on occasion offer day safaris to the public however this is not the norm as one would have to purchase an overnight all-inclusive package that would include safaris. 

    Other provinces such as KwaZulu Natal have also fast become ever popular with private reserves these too over overnight packages at premium prices. 

    Should you like to enjoy a True Safari Package at a market-related price starting from $350 for 2 Nights. Click here for more.

    This depends on what it is that you would like to see and experience. There are numerous game reserves in South Africa. One will also have to decide if you would like to enjoy a Private reserve, public reserve, self-drive or organized safari. 

    Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve due to its size, and wildlife population makes for an incredible Safari be it self-drive or organized safari. 

    For some Organized Big 5 Safari Options click here.

    Enjoying a Safari while in South Africa is firstly easy to book and enjoy. With good infrastructure, one may easily enjoy multiple safaris to multiple provinces in South Africa. 

    The provinces to enjoy these safaris would be KwaZulu Natal, with truly amazing road networks and airports. Limpopo is in close proximity to Johannesberg and lastly Cape Town with its reserves and Winelands. 

    For safari first-timers, South Africa is truly an easy cheap, and convenient way to enjoy a fantastic Safari. 

    For years it has always been easy to say, Kruger National Park, why due to its size primarily, history, and of course some amazing marketing. 

    KwaZulu Natal has without a doubt fast become a top contender, this being due to the number of private reserves, variety of wildlife species, and also the amazing array of activities that one may enjoy in a smaller area. 

    The No 1 area within KwaZulu Natal for instance has to be the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park triangle. Home to the Big 5, Cheetah, Wild Dogs, Hippos, Whales, Turtles and so much more, and this in a mere 54km radius. 

    If you are a lover of the outdoors, wildlife, people, and exploring something amazing then the answer is absolutely yes. South Africa has so much to offer and is a magnificent destination to enjoy a wide variety of safari packages. 

    This would entirely depend on the type of safari package that you are looking for when visiting South Africa. Private game reserves are known for their exclusivity and grandeur however this comes with a cost. Heritage Tours & Safaris offers 4-star safari packages into South Africa, (KwaZulu Natal). These packages offer absolute value for money excursions and safaris. 


    Year-round visits to this park always guarantee you some incredible sightings. We depart into this park on a daily basis besides Christmas and we can truly say that no times are better than others. 

    If one takes into account weather, fauna, and flora the winter months are dryer and thus are less lush, which contributes to easier sightings. (Winter months are, June to the end of August). 

    Parturition takes place during August and September and this is truly an amazing time of the year to visit the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park. 

    Numerous reasons contribute to this park being so well known. 

    • In the early 60s when less than 100 Rhinoceros walked the planet, it was the Safe the Rhino campaign that was established in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve that single-handedly saved the rhinos from extinction. 
    • Techniques may be seen at the Centenary Center in the Imfolozi side of the Hluhluwe Game Reserve.
    • This has contributed to the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve having the largest population of rhinos in the world.
    • King Shaka (Zulu King) made use of the lower Imfolozi Game Reserve as his personal hunting grounds in the 1800s

    This would vary between a safari in a private reserve versus a public reserve. 

    Private reserves may have their lions tagged and may therefore track them. Also in private reserves safari jeeps do sometimes have trackers and rangers which contributes to the success of tracking lions. Private reserves also allow trackers and rangers to traverse into the bush. 

    Public reserves on most occasions only a ranger will be present on safari without a tracker. This means that the ranger has more responsibilities and has to be more in tune with the area in which he or she is tracking a lion. 

    Rangers / Guides use numerous techniques in finding Lions, most often areas of water source, animal movements, vantage points, and of course being in the reserve for numerous years offers a better understanding of where and when a Lion may be encountered. 

    One of our best Rangers ironically always looked for Lion's Tail flicking in the distance. 

    Safari Packages South Africa
    heritage tours and safaris

    Safari Packages South Africa, Reviews

    Rated on Tripadvisor

    We are truly thankful to our clients for taking the time in reviewing us. It is always such a delight and pleasure to hear what a tremendous time they have had while out on one of our Safari Packages in South Africa (KwaZwaZulu Natal) that we offer. Should you be interested in reading some of their highlights then please do so by clicking on the above link.

    safari packages south africa clients
    United Kingdom

    Amazing 2 Night Safari Tour

    We booked the 2-night safari tour which consists of sunset hippo & croc cruise, day safari in Hluhluwe Game Reserve, night safari in iSimangaliso Wetland Park and day tour to Cape Vidal entering the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

    United Kingdom

    Made the Trip Perfect

    Booked Heritage after reading reviews, and couldn't have made a better choice. The arrangements were made through email with Bev, and she accommodated our requirements perfectly and the value of the tours was excellent. Guides were friendly and knowledgeable and enhanced the whole experience.

    United Kingdom

    Book with Confidence

    Booked 4 different tours with Heritage - Night Safari in Isimangaliso Wetlands Park (West Shore), Isimangaliso (East Shore) Full Day Tour including beach stop at Cape Vidal (and Hippo spotting), the Full Day Tour to Hluhluwe- Umfolozi and the Hippo Cruise at sunset.
    3 bookings were made via email from the UK before arrival & the Hippo Cruise was arranged at the Heritage office


    3 Day Safari Package

    Just returned .Had 3 days of safari tours. Everything was well organised from being picked up on time to the delicious breakfasts and wine with lunch. The groups were small and the guides were an absolute wealth of information and fun. No question went unanswered.

    Safari Packages South Africa - Clients

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    Safari Packages South Africa

    What does a Safari Package to South Africa Offer:

    Why not indulge in some of the very best safari destinations that South Africa has to offer. South Africa has fast become one of the top destinations when it comes to bush and beach safari packages, top areas include KwaZulu Natal, Kruger National Park and Cape Town, Eastern Cape.

    While in Kruger one may easily enjoy various Kruger Park Safaris (tented safari & tented camps) while in private game reserves. KwaZulu Natal with its subtropical weather year round offers incredible scenery and some magnificent wildlife parks.

    Kruger National Park the iconic reserve in Africa is truly a must and then Cape Town and it's surrounding area with incredible day outings. Our Safari Packages highlight the top destinations in both KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town.

    Travel to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Mkuze Game Reserve, Temba Game Reserve and the Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

    We are incredibly proud to offer you the following Holiday Safari Packages to KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town South Africa. Each individual package highlights the very best that the area has to offer.

    durban drakensberg day tour

     South Africa

    Top Destinations:

    KwaZulu Natal, what makes this province ideal for a Safari Package? Firstly the weather remains ideal year-round with its subtropical climate. February remains the warmest month and may just be a bit warm. Infrastructure within the province makes for easy access, and continued upgrades to the existing roads, as well as national roads, are quite impressive.

    KwaZulu Natal has added a new International Airport (King Shaka) on the outskirts of Durban on the North Coast road (N2) further assisting in easy access to Bush country in the North.

    KwaZulu Natal, Zululand is situated North of Durban approximately 200 km north. The area is synonymous with its Bush and Beach destinations, world heritage sites, and much more. Zululand offers magical discoveries, culture, and an abundance of wildlife. A true Safari destination awaits.

    Cape Town is a metropolitan city that offers some amazing outings and safari opportunities. From the Atlantic Ocean to Table Mountain to vineyards galore there is truly something for all.

    For an amazing South African Experience tour or safari, we would advise a visit to these two provinces. One will undoubtedly get to experience the very best that South Africa has to offer. All Packages are conducted in Malaria Free Areas.

    All Game Viewing is conducted in Open Game Drive Vehicles. The majority of the safari lodges are based in St Lucia for all KwaZulu Natal Safari Packages. This has to be some of the very best and most incredible Southern Africa Safari Packages Available.

    Safari Packages South Africa

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