Hluhluwe Accommodation

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve

A South African Big 5 Game Reserve, One Of The Best In Africa!

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    Excited To Experience The Big5? Here's A Perfect Option, Nestled In The Wild Bush-veld Of The Kwazulu-Natal Region Of South Africa

    Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve Offers These Great Safari Camps

    The 3 most popular Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve camps are,

    Hilltop Camp & Mpila Camp & also the rustic Nselweni Bush Camp.

    Hluhluwe game reserve's main Accommodation Is at Hilltop Camp, its more like a small resort.

    Imfolozi game reserve's main Accommodation Is Mpila camp and Nselweni Bush Camp Imfolozi is more rustic and all self cater.


    The Park is split into 2 sides basically North & South,

    It use to be 2 separate parks, but made into one big game reserve in early 1900s.

    Hilltop Is located in Hluhluwe Game Reserve & Mpila Camp & Nselweni are Located in South Imfolozi Game Reserve, the southern part of the 2 parks that make one Big 5 game reserve.


    Hluhluwe Imfolozi-Park Is One Of The First Proclaimed Big 5 wildlife sanctuaries In Africa. In the Kwa-Zulu Natal Region Of South Africa... Its A Big5 Game Reserve, Made Partly famous by Dr. Players' Rhino conservation work & The great Zulu Kings...


    In A Hurry

    Hluhluwe iMfolozi Game Reserve Accommodation

    Hilltop Camp Offers:

    • 2 Bed Chalets self cater & Non
    • 4 Bed chalets self-cater 
    • 2 Bed Budget Rondavels
    • 8 Bed Lodge self cater 

    Mpila  Camp Offers:

    • 2 Bed chalet self cater 
    • 2 bed safari tent self cater
    • 4 bed safari tent self cater
    • 5 Bed chalets self cater

    Nselweni Bush Camp:

    • 2 Bed chalets self cater 

    Game Park Offered Activities:

    3hr Game drives / No children under 6y

    3hr safari walks / No children under 16y

    Hluhluwe game reserve accommodation, Hilltop Camp Pool
    Hilltop Pool

    Dr. Player and his team

    Brought back the Rhino, and helped many other animals around the world, from near extinction in the 30s ...60s..

    A Historic South African Wildlife Area, Kwazulu Natal..

    This land is old. The Culture Is Rich. & The Accommodation is rustic, Earthy.

    Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Has The Feeling Of Old Africa, going back in time. Travelers love the rustic accommodation because of its dated style. Adds to the Adventure and some of the true flavors of Africa...

    Hilltop Camp

    Hluhluwe Accommodation

    Hluhluwe Game Reserve Accommodation

    Hluhluwe 4 Bed Chalet Self-cater

    Hluhluwe 2 Bed Self-cater

    Hluhluwe 2 Bed Non Self-cater

    Hluhluwe 2 Bed Rondavels

    Hilltop Camp

    4 Bed Chalet

    R4.200 Per Night 4 Adults

    2 Bed-Chalet

    R2.630 Per-Night 2 Adults

    2 Bed Rondavels

    R1.360 Per Night 2 Adults

    Hluhluwe Imfolozi Map

    Activities At Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve?

    There are many Big 5, Encounters...Or

    Stay The Night In The Park, Listen To The African Bush

    Take Game Drives Or Go On Longer

    3 Day 4x4 Bush Safaris

    Get Real Close On A Walking Safari 

    Great Photo Hides Or Take A Birding Photographic Safari  Obviously, A Photographer's Paradise... 

    Please note: That these 3hr game drives, and Safari walks mentioned below are offered By Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve for people staying overnight, inside the game reserve.

    The Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park Offers...

    3-hr Game drive R 420.0 pp 

    Children Between 6 - 13 R 250.0

    No children under 6 in-game drive trucks.

    But You can do your own self-drive safaris, with younger children.

    3-hr Guided Safari walks R 510.0 no children under 16.

    These are booked when checking-in to your lodge.


    All other safaris & Packages / activities on this site, depart from St Lucia KZN, where Heritage Tours & Safaris are based...So all the 2 days, 3 days, 1-day safari packages are not available to clients staying in the game park... It's because of logistics ...

    So, if you would like to do ( our ) safari package then its best to stay in St Lucia......   If you would like to stay inside the game park, then they offer the 3hr game drive and 3 hr walking safaris witch are booked at check-in .....




    Hluhluwe -Imfolozi Park, Has Some Historic Lodges Very "Out Of Africa" Style, Game Viewing Is 6 Star Amazing!

    Hilltop Camp Is In The Hluhluwe Game Reserve

    Hilltop Camp Hluhluwe game reserve
    Imfolozi Hlatikulu Bush Lodge
    Hluhluwe game reserve accommodation, Hilltop Camp Pool


    Hilltop Camp Offers Complementary Breakfast with all accommodation options

    And is also the most luxury out of the 2 main camps in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi reserve

    Options like...

    • Restaurant
    • Pool
    • Full Bar
    • Game Viewing Deck
    • Secure Fencing
    • Self-cater
    • Non-self-cater
    • Game Drives
    • Guided Walking Safaris
    • Fuel / Shop


    2-bed self-catered chalets R 2.160 per night 2 adults

    4-bed self-cater chalets R4.360 per night 4 adults

    The SELF-CATER offer full kitchens with all utensils Linen and an open plan living area.

    en-suite Showers great outdoor braai and deck..

    Nice to Sit at the fire on the deck listening to the African bush... It's Magic...

    Having a cold one, after an amazing day watching the wildlife. looking at the photo's of the day...

    There's so much to photograph and video .. A photographers paradise..

    There are also, Non-self-cater 2 bed chalets, where you would take your meals at the restaurant ..


    Some budget options like a self cater Rondavel.


    Rondavels Hilltop


    Rondavels are small round African huts ..They are communal, meaning you would share the showers and kitchen, But you can also cookout on open fire enjoy the African sounds at night, or use the restaurant if you choose... R 1.160-2 adults per night ..


    Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park Entrance Fee

    Day Use & Over Night pay an Entrance Fee: R240pp Int Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park: Conservation Fee: Overnight Visitors: And day use a Conservation Levy of R240 per adult and R120 per child under 12 years will be charged. South African a discount fee, (R120 per person per day and R60 per child) 


    Hilltop & Mpila camp chalets 

    The accommodation is basic but has everything you need ..

    At Hilltop, Chalets Offer, TV microwaves Wifi and all linen. A full kitchen in the self-cater units

    There's no aircon, just fans ( sorry ) The Park Is trying to be Low impact...

    Cell phones may not work well, But Cameras do...

    hluhluwe-imfolozi park accommodationHilltop The Pool Can be used when it's blazing hot a lot. and a great bar with a huge deck for viewing.

    Overlooking the Black Umfolozi River.

    Hilltop camp is fenced, so walking from restaurant to chalets is safe at night.

    Safer for small children. There is a playground for children and shop and fuel at the camp. Mpila and the other camps are not fenced so be very careful ..

    Everyone staying at the Hilltop camp can use all the amenities. Regardless of room type.

    The views overlooking the valley is magnificent. Thick dense Green Bush Country (Hilltop Camp)

    The units are old, So please, don't compare them to new modern resorts.

    Hilltop and Mpila are rated more on the 3-star side.

    It's really All about animal watching and the priceless privilege it is, to witness these magnificent animals, even the mighty Dung Beetle...

    The Big5 Game viewing Is World Class 6 star ...


    Hluhluwe Luxury Lodges

    8 Bed Mtwazi Lodge Self Cater

    R 11520 Per Night 8 Adults

    Munyaweni -Closed For Remodel

    R8000 Per-Night 8 Adults

    Muntuly-Closed For Remodel

    R8000 Per-Night 8 Adults

    Imfolozi Game Reserve Accommodation

    Mpila bit more rustic than Hilltop. It's all self-cater.

    There is no restaurant. the camp is not fenced. There is a small basic shop if you forget milk bread charcoal etc...

    But please keep in mind the shop is basic and can run out of supplies.

    It's really best to shop for food and drink on your way. They do sell wood so that's covered.

    Offering SELF CATER ONLY

    They are self-catering.. You can take a guided safari walk, and game drives which are booked when you check-in.

    And you can always do your own game drives as well. This gives you more time to enjoy and slow down a bit, less distraction by others ..

    mpila safari tents

    Mpila Camp Accommodation


    R 1680 Per-Night 4 Adults


    R 1680 Per-Night 2 Adults


    R 3360 Per-Night 4 Adults


    R 4200 Per-Night 5 Adults


    R 5880 Per-Night 7 Adults


    R 2500 Per-Night 2 Adults


    R 2400 Per-Night 2 Adults


    R 2250 Per-Night 2 Adults

    Accommodation Outside But Close To Hluhluwe Park

    The Game Park Can Be fully booked at times.

    Or You Just prefer to stay outsite the park these are options below..


    Hluhluwe Game Reserve Accommodation Map

    Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Park Map accommodation layout

    Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve Entrance Fee

    Day Use & Over Night pay an Entrance Fee: R240pp Int

    Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park: Conservation Fee: Overnight Visitors: And day use a Conservation Levy of R240 per adult and R120 per child under 12 years will be charged. South African a discount fee, (R120 per person per day and R60 per child) 


    Imfolozi Facilities & Service

    Hilltop Camp Facilities & Services

    Frequently Asked Questions