Giants Castel

Giants Castel Hikes and Giants Castle Drakensberg Accommodation

The mountain of Giants Castel, located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is a popular hiking destination. This stunning area features a high plateau and deep valleys.

You'll find the most spectacular scenery in Africa in this area, with majestic views and a diverse wildlife population. You'll also be able to climb the giant boulders that make the region so popular. The ice in the Giants Castle game reserve forms in the early months of June and remains until mid-August. Climbers of all skill levels will be able to enjoy this pristine wilderness, with new routes being formed daily. But its not just for climbers, Hiling is alls top notch.

Giants Castel Scenery & Hiking

The Mountain Of Giants

The mountain of Giants Castel, located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is a popular hiking destination. This stunning area features a high plateau and deep valleys. You can also hike to the top of Giants Castle. To get the best view of the area, you'll need a guide, but don't worry! This guide will help you find the best to hike the mountains. After you've finished reading this article, you'll have a great understanding of the history of this amazing region.

The hiking in the Giants Castle area is exceptional. Besides the incredible scenery, the huts and trails are also well maintained and offer great views. The secluded setting of Giants Castle makes it an excellent location for mountain biking and hiking. It is also possible to see the Black Eagle, a rare species in the region. You'll also be able to watch a vulture in a nearby cave. During your stay, you can hike to the base of the mountains for a view of the surrounding landscape.

Giants Castel 2 & 4 Bed Accommodation

Fully equipped self-catering 2 bed & 4 bed unit with an open plan bedroom and kitchen area, with a separate bathroom.

Giats Castel Reserve 6 bed Rock lodge

Secluded fully equipped, self-catering lodge, with a cook in attendance. Contains three en-suite bedrooms, lounge and dining room.

Honeymoon Suite

Fully equipped self-catering unit with an open plan bedroom and kitchen area, with a separate bathroom.

Giants Castle What's There To Do?

 9 Things To Do At Giants Castle Drakensberg


Situated in an indigenous forest of the Central Drakensberg, in the shadow of the towering Cathkin Peak, the Drakensberg Canopy Tour awaits you.


Giant's Castle Nature Reserve, Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal


Mooi River is an excellent place to observe birds, including the endangered Bearded Vulture.em ipsum Vivamus suscipi


The Giants Castle Drakensberg hiking trail includes picturesque, biodiverse, and bush-lined areas


LANGALIBALELE PASS HIKE Drakensberg, an easy hiking trail located in the heart of the Drakensberg mountains.


Designed for the adventurer, the Drakensberg Grand Traverse is the ultimate experience for those with a sense of adventure. Explore the Northern Drakensberg by bike, on foot or by horseback.


The hike starts at the Didima Camp which is located in the northern reaches of Giant’s Castle Game Reserve


McKenzie's Caves, which is situated in the southeastern Drakensberg Range.


The Lower Injisuthi Cave hike is a four-hour walk through one of the most dramatic and beautiful valleys in the Southern Drakensberg.

Giants Castle Game Reserve Accommodation

There are a few different options for Giants Castle accommodation. You can stay at the Giants Camp inside the nature reserve. Although it's far away from the main attractions, it's convenient for hiking trails. The campsite has both self-catering and restaurant options. It's also close to the nearby Giants River. To save money, consider booking a campsite for a couple of days. If you're traveling on a budget, consider a hostel.

While staying in a chalet on the nature reserve, you'll have the best views in the area. The camp is nestled in the middle of the Drakensberg Mountains and is 1850 meters above sea level, which means the views will be better. While the area is less popular than some others, there are a number of hiking trails and a restaurant on site. There are also many activities for children to enjoy, including games, and a game drive.

giants castel 2 bed chalet

Accommodation in Giants Castle is available in the form of blyplekke (traditional huts) and self-catering slaapkaste. For families, Giants Castle is an excellent option. The campsite is situated on the banks of the Giant's River and is ideal for kids. The Izimbali restaurant serves fully catered meals, while the Izimbali restaurant offers fully-catered meals.

Giants Castle chalets

Giants Castel Location

The best part is that, this location is only four hours from Johannesburg, making it an easy trip for most people. You'll need to drive to the area, but the parking fee is included in the permit cost. The walk in to Giants Castle can be challenging, requiring 8-9 hours of strenuous hiking up a major pass. You'll need to bring heavy backpacks and camping gear, so be prepared to put on your hiking boots.