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Hluhluwe Town is situated in the heart of Zululand, approximately 3 hours North of Durban. Access to Hluhluwe is easy making use of the National road (n2) from Durban. Town is small compared to other towns. However on the outskirts of the Town one will find a host of lodges and Bed and Breakfast's. The town offers smaller shops compared to that of cities and larger towns (their are no malls). Hluhluwe is however the larger of neighboring towns or areas such as Sodwana Bay.

Numerous Bed and Breakfast's, Lodge's and Hotel may be found in the Town. Other shops of interest include Spar, clothing stores and hardware's. Hluhluwe is primarily a farming district, with large pineapple plantations (95 % of South Africa's pineapples are produced here), sugar cane, forestry and off course better known for the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. Each fortnight and end month may become quite busy.

Closest neighboring town is Mkuze is well known for the Mkuze game reserve an absolute Birders delight. From Town one can travel as little as 13 km to the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park (Memorial Gate).

Numerous tours and activities are available in and around, one of the hotspots close to Hluhluwe has to be St Lucia, South Africa's (54 km) very first world heritage site. St Lucia happens to have the largest Hippo population in South Africa.

Hluhluwe Climate:

June / July :      25 to 11 degrees

August to May: 27 to 15 degrees

Summers are quite warm with a hint of subtropical weather, please note high humidity may be experienced. Winters are supper with an average of 20 degrees daily.

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Dr Am Cohn   : 035 562 0016

Dr Erasmus    : 035 5620162

S.A Police: 035 562 4300

Municipality: 035 562 0040

iSimangaliso Wetland Park: +27 35 590 1633

What makes the area so Incredible

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

With out a doubt it has to be the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. This 96000 hectare park is a Big 5 reserve, however one may also encounter other species such as Cheetah and Wild Dogs to mention but just a few. This park revived and saved the Rhinos from near extinction in the early 60's when less than 100 Rhinos roamed the earths surface. 

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One is truly spoilt when it comes to various activities, tours and safaris in and around the area. Please note that we have included some activities that are also close by eg.(St Lucia and Sodwana)

Hluhluwe Activities

Hluhluwe imfolozi safari
Hluhluwe Safari
Heritage Tours & Safaris
+27 35 5901555
zululand game reserves south africa
Self Drive Safari
+27 35 5901555
hilltop bar restaurant
+27 35 562 0848
dumuzulu what to do hluhluwe zulu cultural shows
Zulu Culture
+27 (0)31 337-4222
hluhluwe golfing
072 952 8670
bayete zulu
Elephant Interaction
Bayete Zulu
+27 35 595 8089
Cheetah Facts & Info
Cheetah Interaction
Emdoneni Lodge
+27 35 562 7000
hluhluwe quad biking
Quad Biking
072 952 8670

St Lucia Activities

boat safari hluhluwe
Boat Safari
St Lucia
+27 35 5901555
hluhluwe oldest game reserve
St Lucia
Town Info
+27 35 5901555
night drive safari hluhluwe
Night Safari
St Lucia
+27 35 5901555
south africa safari package 1 night
Cape Vidal
iSimangaliso Wetland Park
+27 35 590 1633

Sodwana Activities

sodwana bay hluhluwe
Sodwana Bay
sodwana bay coral divers contact no
Scuba Diving
Coral Divers
+27 35 571 0290
sodwana bay deep sea charters contact no
Sodwana Deep Sea
082 391 1503
sodwana bay accommodation
Sodwana Bay Lodge
+27 35 571 9101


Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

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