Hluhluwe Cheetah Centre

Visit and Learn more about Cheetahs and more at the Hluhluwe Cheetah Centre

Morning Tour: 10h30 Daily

Afternoon Tour: 16h30 Summer Daily

Average Duration of Tour: 90 minutes

Afternoon Tour: 16h00 Winter Daily

hluhluwe cheetahs

Overview of Tour

Learn more about South Africa's endangered wild cat species up close.

hluhluwe cheeta centre mother and cub

What's the Aim?

Primarily education and to enforce why rehabilitation is necessary.

hluhluwe cheetah centre tour
cheetah and clients

What to Expect and See at the Hluhluwe Cheetah Centre?

Carcal lynx kitten

Caracal (Lynx)

  • The largest African lesser Cat
  • An exceptional jumper and climber
  • Resembling a cross between a Lynx and Leopard
hluhluwe serval


  • Having the largest ears of any cat
  • They can jump up to 9 feet straight up
  • Servals communicate by urine

African WildCat

  • Originally tamed by the Egyptians 4000 years ago
  • Easily mistaken for a domestic cat
  • Pure genetic African Wild Cats are rare


  • Estimated that only 9000 are left in the world
  • Fastest land animal 70 mph
  • Cheetahs claws do not retract

On Arrival, Please Note

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to all tours
  • You will be asked to fill in an indemnity form prior to any tours
  • Once all documentation has been completed please wait for your guide
  • Please at all times no fast movements, running and please no loud noises
  • Coffee shop hours: 09:00 to 15:00
  • No interaction allowed with Cheetahs
  • All visitors enter enclosures at their own risk
  • Please follow Guides instructions at all times
Restaurant at the cheetah centre

The Tour

Be mesmerized by the absolute beauty of these incredible animals, discover why they are at our centre and most importantly learn some fascinating and incredible information regarding all of our animals at the Centre. Photographic opportunities are plentiful and with our informative talks, you will be pleased you did visit.

Successful Releases To Date

It is with absolute pride that we have released the following wildlife species back into the wild.

  • Cheetah 4
  • Servals¬† ¬†22
  • African Wildcats 7
  • Caracals 13

The primary emphasis at the centre is to release the progeny of animals back into the wild. All offspring, where possible will be released back into the wild.

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