Hluhluwe Accommodation Update

Wow It was a very slow 2 years ( 2020- 2021 ) for Hluhluwe accommodation, lots of people could not come on there safaris COVID. The parks anaimals where still protected threw this 2 years, as pochures tend to really take advantage of any op they can get.

There was still a steady amount of South Africans who came and supported the parks, thanks to them.

Normally people come from all over the world to see the Big5 Wildlife and all the other little animals like the Wild dogs ( painted Dogs )  and the able fighter, Honey Badger  pretty rare they are .

Some of the most popular places to stay in Hluhluwe game reserve are the 4-bed chalets self-cater at Hilltop and the 2-bed self-catered chalets, also at the Hilltop Camp.

These are great rentals, both are self-cater, and have all you need for a great stay. They include, on suite bath and the 4-bed chalets have 2 sep bedrooms with full kitchens and open plan dining area. Linen is included as well. They both have a braai ( barbecue ) outside areas for gathering at night.

If you would rather have a Non-self-cater Hilltop offers 2 bed chalets

Hilltop Camp

Hluhluwe Hilltop Camp
4 Bed Self Cater Chalet

The 4 bed chlaets are great for small fammalys.Our group friends. There are 2 sep bedrooms and 4 singel beds, on-suite bath,plus outside fireplace.

2 Bed Self-Cater Chalet

The 2 bed chalet are roomy and open plan layout. Also 2 singel beds on-suite bath also outside fireplace for cooking and staring intot he fire.


Its Pricless Listening to the African sounds at night, is differently one of the best experience's at Hluhluwe Imfolozi it's a must, so make sure you bring firewood. If you forget There is a small shop for things like, bread water firewood fire lighter milk  etc ...

There is also Fuel diesel and even a mechanic if the worst happens...
This is a protected area so there is no gathering of firewood, also for safety, you don't want to run into a Lion looking for an evening meal.

The Hilltop camp is fenced for safety, So I think its best for those with kids. There is also a pool and nature walks around the camp, ( inside the fenced area.) I think this is a better option for those who have never been in the bush before ...

Also a great pub and restaurant, the pub has a huge deck overlooking the Imfolozi river, great for sundowners and game viewing.
The menu is pretty basic really, but good, steaks, chicken dishes, and burgers, salads for lunch. They will cater for veterans so not to worry.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi game park in ( South Africa ) is a very old game park. It really go's all the way back to Chaka The Zululand King around 1700. It was once the royal Hunting ground. Nobody was allowed in even to take short cuts.
The penalty was death, guarded 24hrs ...

Later, when whites colonels came, they started hunting for trophies, and all but wiped out the rhinos ( there was just a handful left ) and Elephants Disgusting really. Then in the early 1900 Doctor Ian Player  and many other great outdoor trackers, who grew up in the area worked with Dr. Player. They made a life's quest to get the Rhinos and other animals like the Wild dogs back to normal numbers. Dr. Player was truly a gift to African wildlife, and taught the world about conservation, with much help with the local Zulu's.

About Dr. Ian Player & Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Park

dr ian player

Dr Ian Player

His conservation career started under Col. J.Vincent with the Natal Parks, Game and Fish Preservation Board in 1952. By 1954 he was promoted to Senior Ranger and in 1962 Senior Warden of iMfolozi Game Reserve. Whilst Warden of the iMfolozi Game Reserve, he spearheaded two key initiatives:
· Operation Rhino – which saved the few remaining Southern race of White rhino
· Wilderness areas in iMfolozi and St. Lucia – The first wilderness areas to be zoned in South Africa and on the African continent.
In 1964 he became Chief Conservator for Zululand. His final promotion was Chief Nature Conservator for Natal and Zululand.

Hluhluwe Wildlife
Ian Player is well known as being the initiator and team leader of an innovative project ‘Operation Rhino’. This successful effort resulted in numerous independent research papers. He also initiated a number of documentaries and acted as a technical advisor to Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, who made the movie ‘Rhino!’ This resulted in an invitation to visit the United States as a guest of M-G-M.
He went on to establish a program of selling breeding colonies of White Rhinoceros to many zoological gardens and safari parks outside of the Republic of South Africa in order to assure their survival as a species. Some of the initial sales were to the San Diego Zoo and Orange County Zoo in the United States and Whipsnade Zoo in the U.K.
In addition, he established a successful anti-poaching network in South African game reserves which resulted in an impressive reduction in poaching and predation.
During the 1960s, Ian Player conducted eco-surveys of crocodile and hippopotamus populations and of the avifauna at the Ndumu Game Reserve. He conducted “Operation Crocodile” at Lake St. Lucia, which saw the first helicopter airlift of crocodiles from the high salinity area of the Mkuze River, to the fresher regions of the southern part of the Lake.
via  http://www.ianplayer.com/


So Today, The reason we can enjoy this wildlife in the Hluhluwe game park is because of mainly, Dr. Ian Player  and his colleges.

Thanks, Dr. Player, Sadly he passed away 2015 and He really really will be missed a really nice guy and great man who defiantly left a legacy for all to enjoy, what a selfless man he was. But today this game park is full of game and probably has more big 5 games than any other park in Africa per square ...

Hluhluwe Accommodation is very well priced, you can see those rates. overall  the game parks in south Africa its tops for wildlife vs price, Really in all of Africa, Hluhluwe Imfolozi stands out as a great value.

Hluhluwe Accommodation also offers

There are also Luxury 8 bed lodges Like Mthwazi Lodge which was the warden Col. J.Vincent house for many years, Mathwazi has an old African colonial architectural feel to it, great for big family gatherings in the bush.
Also, Muntulu Bush Lodge and Munyaweni Bush Lodge  which are more rustic African style thatch roofs and lots of grass mat walls wooden walk ways, views of the Imfolozi River ... They are cleaned daily and you can arrange a cook, but they are fully self-cater. You can drive to the restaurant for lunch or breakfast but not dinner. The reason I say not for dinner is, you can not drive in the park after 6 pm till 530am for safety reasons...

So as you can see, Hluhluwe really does offer a lot in every way... Just one thing to keep in mind is that, Hluhluwe Imfolozi game park  definitely is more rustic than most of the private game parks Like Kruger which is also a gov run game park... When I say rustic I mean, well, it's not as polished as some of the private run game parks if you know what I mean? The main attractions are definitely the animals.