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R1600.00 pp Full Day Safari & Wildlife Photo Course

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R1480.00 pp Full Day Safari & Wildlife Photo Course

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wildlife photography course hluhluwe

Nobby Clarke

hluhluwe imfolozi park photography course

Beginners Photography Course

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Conducted by Heritage Tours and Zululand photographer RN Nobby Clarke (Nobby's Photography)

The beginners practical course is for the wildlife photographer who wish to take their camera off the AUTO mode and help you master the various buttons and functions all the while in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. The Park offers one a smorgasbord of possibilities.

This practical course is presented in the Hluhluwe/ Imfolozi Game Reserve and conducted on a Heritage Tours Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle. These open game drive safari vehicles are ideal for photography as they are open all the way around and are also elevated for better positioning. Not only will one have the opportunity of viewing and learning some interesting facts while on the course but also learn about the park as the ranger takes you to some of the most incredible viewing areas within the reserve.

Course Content

  • Getting to know your camera and the various photographic controls
  • What is ISO; Aperture;Shutter Speed and how do these affect your photography
  • The importance of the Histogram and training content
  • What is white Balance and getting the exposure right

Full Day Outline

  • Full Day Safari into Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park
  • Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle ideal for those perfect pics
  • Ranger and Photographer present
  • Breakfast, Bush Lunch (Braai) and all refreshments included
  • Conservation levies included
  • Ideal setting for the beginner wanting to learn more

Course Outline

During this 8 hour practical course there is quite a lot of information to digest to get you to take those special shots.

We start the day covering the basic camera functions.

During the practical you will learn the different aspects of the course below

We will be faced with different lighting conditions where you will be guided as to which functions you set your camera to take the image’s.

Experimenting with composition and various camera settings ISO; Shutter Speed and Aperture what effect do these have.

What is depth of field and how does one use this in creating and image.

Getting to know your camera and the various photographic controls

  • We cover the various shooting modes and how they affect you Image
  • We venture off the “Green” “auto” button which allows your camera’s to regulate the light and introduce you to the AV – Aperture Value mode where you will control the light and the result of the image

Learning about exposure – the exposure triangle

  • The three elements of the exposure triangle are
  • ISO – the camera’s sensitivity to light
  • Aperture – the size of the lens opening and how it affects light
  • Shutter Speed – the amount of time that the shutter is open and how it affects the image
  • How do the above three elements affect your photography

Exposure Compensation

  • How and when to use exposure compensation adjustment feature


  • How to create visual impact of your image by using the rule of thirds

Focusing on the subject with focus modes and focus points

  • How the different focus modes affect your image and how to obtain sharper images by using the correct focus mode
  • The use of different focus points and how they affect your image

Histograms for Beginners

  • The importance of the Histogram and why is it better to view the histogram than the LCD Screen
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Practical Photography Course in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

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Course Information

8 Hours on Safari with a Photographer and Ranger

Limited to 6 clients per course

Camera Functions Discussed

Practical and Experimental time with guidance

The most important tip that hardly anyone talks about is ‘Train Your Eye‘. The eye of a photographer is his or her most important tool.

There are no fixed rules in photography, but there are guidelines which can often help you to enhance the impact of your photos.

Some other interesting facts and tips that you will learn while on this photographic course.

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Composition
  • Balancing Elements
  • Leading Lines
  • Experimentation

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