3 Day Durban Safari

3 day durban safari


3 Day Durban Safari

From Durban one has the incredible opportunity to go on safari, and where better than the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve and bordering this amazing reserve is the iSimangaliso wetland Park South Africa’s very first world heritage site.

Heritage Tours & Safaris would like to invite you on a 3 Day Durban Safari to witness and experience not only the wildlife but the cultures and customs of the Zulu People. The company offers daily departures from Durban and these all inclusive safari packages are well worth it. Open Game Drive Safaris, Night Drive Safaris, Boat Safari, Beach Time, Accommodation and Transfers all included.

Heritage Tours & Safaris is based in St Lucia and was established in 2003 and has since fast become one of the top safari specialist companies in the area, the company manages numerous concessions in the area and this enforces the uniqueness of the experience knowing that you will at all times get the very best that the area has to offer.

durban 3 day safari

Two and a half hours north of Durban lies the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, this 96000 hectare reserve boasts the Big 5, Wild Dog, Cheetah and much more. Its a splendid reserve to enjoy a safari and better yet while on a open game drive safari vehicle. Each safari vehicle offers ample space, 360 degrees of magnificent scenery and an elevated platform from which one can get some amazing photographs from.

3 Day Durban Safari Description:

Day 1 of your 3 Day Durban Safari

Be transferred by a air-conditioned mini bus from Durban to St Lucia where you will over night during the 3 day safari, your accommodation will be a 4 star accommodation guesthouse or lodge. Once you have arrived in St Lucia get checked in as their is no time to waste your guide will take you on a orientation drive of this unique town where the Hippo’s still roam the streets at night amongst other wildlife. This afternoon you will join a Hippo & Croc Boat Safari up the largest estuarine system in Africa watch as the Hippo play while your skipper gets you within an arms length of this incredible animals. Its a photographers dream, African Fish Eagles above hunting, Nile Crocodile’s basking on the banks and abundance of Birdlife like no other. The skipper/guide has years of experience and he or she is sure to amaze you with some incredible information of this system. Make sure you have your camera’s handy on this 2 hour Boat Safari.

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Quick Facts: St Lucia Estuary

The St Lucia Estuary is home to aprox 800 Hippo’s and 1200 Nile Crocodiles, the birdlife varies from season to season however during the Summer months it is generally more active. Just some of the bird species one can expect to witness include, Pied King Fisher, Goliath Herring, African King Fisher, Hadi Ha, Giant King Fisher, Stalks, Jacana, Weavers and many many more. The Estuary is plus minus 85km in length depending on the rainy season and you will travel approximately 10 km north during your boat safari. Sit back and enjoy one of Africa’s true gems.

No that’s not all on your first day of the 3 Day Durban Safari as this evening you are off on a Night Drive Safari into the Western Shores of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (private concession), you will be picked up by your personal ranger for the Night Safari on a open game drive vehicle. This 3 to 3,5 hour Nocturnal Safari gives you some insight into the movements, sounds and sights during the night in the African Bush, no safari to Africa can ever be complete without experiencing at least one night drive safari. The sheer thrill and excitement of hearing the Elephants approaching from who knows where is more than incredible, or witnessing a Leopard while stalking will remain with you for years to come. Your ranger will ensure that you get to the very best areas and get to see some magnificent sights while out in the African Bush.

Quick Facts: iSimanglaiso Wetland Park Western Shores

Heritage Tours & Safaris is one of only two operators allowed to offer Night Drive Safaris into this reserve, home to the Big4 (no Lions) one will undoubtedly see some amazing wildlife, other wildlife that one may come across include, Hippo’s grazing, Chameleons, Antelope and Hyena.

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Day 2 of your 3 Day Durban Safari

Its a latter start to the day after breakfast you will be picked up by your personal ranger and you are off on a Heritage Safari into the Eastern shores of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, this bush and beach day safari offers you insight into the various biospheres that make this world heritage site just so unique, from the largest vegetated sand dunes in Africa, to mangroves, pristine beaches and incredible wildlife awaits you during this full day safari. Your ranger will have packed snorkels and masks for those who want to explore the protected bay while in Cape Vidal or for those who just want a few moments to enjoy this incredible beach their is miles of untouched white sand waiting.

Quick Facts: iSimangaliso Wetland Park  Eastern Shores

Did you know that you stand a better chance of witnessing Black Rhino in this park than Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, this is due to the open grasslands and its unhindered viewing platforms. Unique to the area are Samango Monkeys, keep an eye out as thye are incredibly naughty and they will undoubtedly not waste any time in pinching your afternoon lunch. The area has a large population of Leopard and one has a very good chance of witnessing them during a day drive.

3 day safari package Durban

Day 3 of your 3 Day Durban Safari

Your final day of the 3 Day Durban Safari awaits you and its a early start to the day 5:00 am your ranger will be waiting for you so that you can be transferred to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, truly Zululand’s very finest reserve. This safari is a full day open game drive safari and includes breakfast and a traditional South African lunch in the bush. All you need to remember is a camera, light jacket and spare batteries. Hluhluwe Umfolozi is home to some of the most incredible history of all reserves in South Africa from days when King Shaka used the Umfolozi as his personal hunting grounds or how the Rhino was saved from near extinction in the late 1890 when less than 100 Rhinos roamed the planet.

You will be travelling to the lower Umfolozi as this area has more open grasslands, more access to the watering holes that will ensure even better sightings. Your knowledgeable and experienced ranger for the day will ensure that he exceeds your expectations during this incredible safari. Sit back and enjoy.

Quick Facts: Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve

96000 hectares in size it is smaller than the Kruger National Park but due to its size it is far more manageable, a higher density of wildlife also ensures some magnificent sightings.

What our Guests are saying


johanna“Evening Drive”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 24 November 2014

We went on an evening drive in October 2014. It was just such an unforgettable experience. The professionalism of the guide that took us, Theo, his expertise and amazing ability to spot even the smallest animal and regale us with interesting and witty facts about the most seemingly insignificant animals was charming and impressive! He pointed out snakes, spiders, chameleons,and the smallest of duikers, but the absolute highlight of the drive was the leopard! We were so lucky to encounter a feeding leopard, and we spent about 15 minutes just gazing in awe from about 3-5 meters away as the magnificent animal seemed quite unconcerned by our intrusive curiosity and he took his own leisurely time to finish his meal. Awesome stuff!! Thank you Theo, thank you Heritage Tours and Safaris! [/one_half] [one_half_last]

jill“Outstanding trip”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 27 October 2014

What a fantastic organised trip.

The guides were first class (knowlegeable, friendly and wicked sense of humour) , the meals delicious and the wildlife outstanding.

We stayed at Umlilo Lodge for 2 nights which was brilliant. Comfortable with delicious breakfast and extremely friendly staff.

The entire Heritage experience was outstanding from the ladies in the office going through our itinerary, being picked up at the hotel to all all the excursions.

I cannot recommend it enough – brilliant holiday. [/one_half_last]

3 Day Durban Safari what to bring along:

Light clothing for any safari is essential, a wind breaker that is also water proof, always ensure that you have a dust proof back pack for those camera lenses, batteries and memory cards. A zip lock bag remains as essential for all of those valuables. Africa always looks as if it wont rain however more often than most it will rain make sure that you are prepared. Please do not wear brightly coloured clothing on your Safari its almost the same as having crosshairs on your back. When coming across any sighting please do remain calm, sit quietly and listen to your ranger. He has years of experience and will at all times ensure your safety comes first. A hat and sunblock is truly needed during the Summer months, each game drive truck has extra bottled water please keep your self hydrated at all times.

 Some of theHeritage Tours & Safaris Staff

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Heritage Tours & Safaris will ensure that your 3 Day Durban Safari is more than just a safari arrive as a client and leave as a Friend.

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