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South African Tours & Safari Packages

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Immerse yourself in spectacular South Africa, discover and experience this incredible country. Travel to the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa or discover South Africa's very first world heritage site iSimangaliso Wetland Park (place of miracles).

Set out on a African Safari, deep into bush country or relax on one of the many pristine beaches. Exhilarating sights and Magnificent views, extra ordinary sunsets and an abundance of wildlife await you.

Venture by boat up one of the largest estuaries in Africa and witness Hippos, Nile Crocodiles with experienced game rangers or travel on a open game drive safari vehicle while going in search of the African Big 5.

With so many diversions and possibilities why not join us on one of our South African Tours & Safari Packages.

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What is a South African Tour versus a Safari and Safari Package

South African Tour's Described and Definitions:

Day Tour's predominantly are Day Outings that include sight seeing, adventure tours such as guided nature walks or adrenaline tours such as bungy jumping.

South African Safari Described and Definition:

A Safari may also include either day or night outings, however a safari is specifically the search for wildlife.

  • Big 5 Safaris half or full day
  • Night Drive Safaris
  • Boat Safaris
  • Guided Big 5 Walking Safaris

South African Safari Package Described and Definition:

Offered throughout South Africa and Africa, these overnight Safari Packages include various activities not only Big 5 Adventures.

  • 1 to 13 Day Safari Packages
  • Various Activities Included
  • Accommodation Included
  • Various Star Grading ( Accommodation)

South Africa is diverse and exceptionally unique it offers an incredible array of outings enjoy this magnificent country.

South Africa Tours and Safari Packages

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South Africa and more specifically KwaZulu Natal is rich in Culture and History. Their is something to appeal to just about every person, be it the possibility to touch wild African Elephants or experience a Night Drive Safari for the very first time. Natal with it's subtropical weather year round makes for the ideal holiday destination and more so to enjoy a Safari Package where one has the opportunity to gain more insight and personal interaction with the friendly people that will ensure that your expectations are not met but exceeded.


South African Safari Packages

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South Africa Tours and Safari PackagesWe honestly couldn't wish for a more passionate, attentive and vigilant tour guide. David made each Game Drive so interesting as he showered us with his wealth of knowledge about all the birds, animals and plants. I learned so much! At lunchtime, he went above and beyond cooking us an amazing BBQ. During my travels around Africa and South Africa, we have been on many Game Drives and he clearly is the best Tour Guide in South Africa!

South Africa Tours and Safari PackagesWe did 4 game-drives with Heritage Tours&Safari: Hluhluwe/iMfolozi game reserve, iSimangaliso day time and night time drive and a cruise on the lake. We saw all the big animals there are to see (including hippos and crocodiles on the boat trip) except for a leopard, which are only very rarely seen. The guides also showed us all the not so obvious animals, like chameleons (which we could have on our hand) and the many different kinds of antelopes and birds and explained their their special behavior. Particularly our guide David was very knowledgeable and also told us a lot about Zulu and South African culture and history how certain trees and plants are closely connected to Zulu traditions. The ability of the guides to spot even the smallest animal while driving, such as a small red legged spider or a dung beetle, is remarkable.

Why Not

Every so often we ask one of our Safari Rangers to write a article, and the reason for this weeks article was purely to give you the client a somewhat better idea of what it is like to be a Safari Ranger.

A Safari Guides Life

What exactly is it like then?


It’s truly not hard to be a safari guide; all you have to do is drive around in the bush all day and point out animals to some tourists…Or is it really as simple as it sounds?

Taken at face value, being a safari guide seems easy enough. But what most people don’t realise is the entire behind the scenes that goes into giving your clients a magical few hours out on safari in the African bush. Most would never consider the early 4am starts to most days, the pre drive preparations like packing food, cleaning vehicles, long hours spent in the driver seat or the idea of having to meet a new group of people every single day, remembering their names and getting to know them in a very short space of time so that you can cater to each individuals needs or interests, just to say goodbye to them at the end of the day and do it all over again the next day should they be out on a Day Safari Tour.

What it boils down to is that Safari guides do so much more than just drive and point out animals in the various game reserves; we are in fact what some would call a “Jack of all trades”. On a daily basis we combine our environmental knowledge with good spotting skills, good interpreting skills, good off road driving skills, good cooking skills and most of all excellent people skills to name but just a few, ensuring our most valued guest, an amazing safari while in South Africa.

Guides are not super heroes; we are merely people who have chosen this vocation due to primarily our passion for nature and conservation education. The key word is passion, without it you would not last long as a guide, as it is the main driving force that supersedes the long days and early starts, the rainy days and the 40+ degree Celsius days that one can expect from working in the African bush.

I am often asked the question of how long one has to study to become a guide. And my answer is always the same, you never stop studying, there is always something new to learn. Our natural environment is very complex and ever changing, and with advancements in scientific studies and research there is a wealth of new information needed to stay up to date with. On Average your guide will have a sound and good knowledge base on the following:

  • ecology
  • mammals
  • birds
  • botany
  • animal behavior
  • insects, geology
  • climate
  • history
  • conservation management to name a few.

As a safari guide you can expect to meet guests from all walks of life, some are seasoned safari goers, some are “newbies”, some are well educated in their respective fields and some don’t even speak your language at all. So sometimes the most challenging part of being a guide is not necessarily dealing with an angry elephant but being able to work with people and to make their journey from the other side of the Earth worth it when they step foot on to your vehicle. This is what most guides would say takes the most responsibility, as the pressure is on you to ensure an enjoyable day out in the bush and a safe return at the end of that day. But the people aspect can also be the most rewarding part for guides, seeing the look of astonishment on someone’s face upon seeing their first wild Rhino, or being able to share a beautiful sunrise with guests as the dawn chorus of birds fills the air around you, this is what makes it all worth it. After all we spend thousands of hours, living, working and studying to share what we know with others.

A true Safari Guide lives for his or her profession. Our primary objective is at all times to ensure that we do not meet the client’s expectations but rather exceed them.

It is true that there are many serious aspects to being a guide, but fortunately there are also some moments that make us smile as well. Funny questions or comments do sometimes occur out in the bush and by no means do I mean any ill respect for sharing some of these.


  • Upon pointing out a distant solitary male Wildebeest standing in the veld I had the comment from a guest saying “Ahhhh, so those are the ones who eat the Rhinos…”
  • Driving through and Acacia woodland (These threes are known for having long white spines) a guest stopped me to ask whether this is where toothpicks were grown?

Questions such as “do Giraffes hunt in packs?”, or “how many Impalas does a Rhino eat per day?” are not too uncommon, we will have a quiet chuckle and most importantly correct the individual in a polite and kind way. In fact a large part of some days may be spent de-bunking myths about animals that have become common truths amongst society.

Personally I enjoy my day the most when clients ask a lot of questions, this means that I have sparked and interest on a particular subject, and so we all get to enjoy and learn together. So guides after all are not only there to find animals but also to ad that 3rd dimension of interpreting and discussing various aspects while out on safari.

Heritage Tours & Safaris is based centrally in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa this is Bush and Beach country with subtropical weather round. The company offers a smorgasbord of South African Tours and Safari Packages.  We hope to welcome you soon on a safari, whether it be on vehicle or by foot, looking for birds or big game, there will be a safari guide by your side.

Greetings from the African Bush

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