To Khaki or not to Khaki on Safari

To Khaki or not to Khaki on Safari while in hluhluwe game reserve

To Khaki or not to Khaki on Safari

So what is it Exactly About Khaki while on Safari That we Need to Know then?

Locals and Tourists come from far and wide, from all corners of the globe to come and enjoy the African Bush. For many it is a once in a lifetime opportunity a dream come true and with that comes many expectations.

Fashion it would seem is not limited to the runway as over my years in the Bush I have seen some outfits that would give Gucci and Armani a fair run for their money.

I'm not sure how this works for travelers. Whether a carefully produced pamphlet tells you the do's and don'ts of what to wear on safari or whether you simply follow a myth bought down from the beginning of time that if you wear khaki or Camouflage that the animal may in fact not see you.

Animals don't in fact see color as we do. The variety of shades that they can in fact see will look vastly different to that of our own sight.

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So where does this idea come from that you need to look like Livingstone setting foot in African for the first time....

The incredible outfits began to spark my interest and I began asking tourist where on earth they even began putting together these masterpieces. One tourist was very serious about the affair and promptly told me how they visit stores designed to outfit you for the African Bush. The sales lady would take you through a very varied color catalog.... Khaki, tan or green. They would make sure that you had all the trimmings. The hat. The shoes. The binoculars.

Another tourist simply said if you’re going to Africa you may as well do it properly... It was a light bulb moment for me.... Growing up In Africa and having complete access to game parks, wildlife we often forget that for some the African dream is just that.... A dream. An adventure. And one not to be taken lightly.

Wear that Khaki, wear those hiking boots wear the wide brimmed hat, wear whatever you like actually.

So whilst I'm not here to ruin your dream of becoming an African adventurer and Explorer I do have some advice.

  1. Safaris often endure long hours and have early starts - wear plenty of layers! Whilst we generally have good weather in Africa it can sometimes be extreme. Cooler mornings heating up to well often 30 degree Celsius. You will want clothes you can take off and just as easily put back on.
  2. There will be dust and water is not often readily available - carry some hand sanitize or wet wipes. They will come in handy.
  3. Invest in binoculars or rent a good pair.
  4. Wear comfy shoes - although on safari most of the day is spent driving it can also get very hot and feet can start swelling.
  5. Stay hydrated- nothing ruins a day as quickly as feeling queasy, having a headache and possibly suffering heatstroke. The African sun is hot wear sunblock and wear a hat.
  6. Pack a camera and take as many pictures as you can. Sometimes you see small things afterwards that you only appreciate then. Pack a extra memory card.
  7. Listen to your guide!!!! They are well trained in all aspects of guiding. From spotting animals to knowing their possible vicinity. You can also learn a great deal from them. And they after all are making your Safari dreams come true. Be courteous.

Above all and most importantly pack enthusiasm!!!! enjoy your safari no matter the color!

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Happy travels x

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