South Africa Tours

South Africa Tours

Discover South Africa on Tour or Safari

Big 5 Wildlife Tours

  • Visit the Oldest Proclaimed Reserve in Africa
  • Visit S.A first World Heritage Site
  • See the largest Hippo population in SA

South Africa Tours

South Africa Tours include a wide variety of excursions. One truly is spoilt when it comes to types of tours that one can participate on. Primarily Tours in South Africa consist of wildlife type tours hence Safari Tours. Just where may one enjoy the very best tours while in South Africa then. One might think that Kruger National Park might be high on the list however other provinces too offer some incredible tour options. Lets just for a minute explore Zululand and its incredible wonder of wildlife and other attractions.

Zululand is set in the heart of KwaZulu Natal, set to the East of South Africa. Tropical weather prevails year round, the Indian Ocean ensures warm waters year round and with an incredible road infrastructure one may enjoy the entire province quite easily.

The province truly has it all, Bush & Beach Tours & Safaris. So what exactly is on offer while out on Tour in Zululand South Africa.

Please note that the majority of Tours will be on offer as a day Tour. These may include the following:

Half Day Tours ( Big 5) Hluhluwe

Half Day Tours (Big 5) Hluhluwe

Half Day Tours (iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Full Day Tours (iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Hippo Boat Tours ( 2 Hours iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Cheetah Interaction Tours

Elephant Interaction Tours

Quad Biking Tours ( Hluhluwe)

Night Drive Tours (iSimangaliso and Hluhluwe)

The Tours pertain to Northern Zululand (Hluhluwe area and iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

These tours are primarily operated by private tour operators with various concessions. Most of the Big 5 Tours are conducted in Open Game Drive Vehicles however please do make sure prior to departure or while making ones booking.

South Africa Tourism is a well organised industry as various permits and concessions are needed to operate in various areas. However please do make sure that your operator is legal and most importantly does have a legal and Valid Carrier Permit as per the South Africa Transport Act.


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South Africa Safari Package Tours from Durban

South Africa is world re known for its wildlife especially the African Big 5. Going on a South African Tour may just be one of those outings or experiences that you will truly never forget, this however depends on where, when and with whom you go on Tour with. Make sure that you book your Tour with a respectable and reputable Tour Operator. Today we are fortunate that we may easily research various operators on the likes of TripAdvisor. It is imperative that one makes sure that you are getting what it is that you are booking. Ask as many questions as possible do not feel embarrassed it is after all your chance for that once in a lifetime South African Tour.


Sodwana & St Lucia Tours

  • Magnificent Sodwana Reefs
  • Fishing Tours
  • Turtle Tours

South Africa Tours Zululand

Sodwana & St Lucia are both situated within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and offer one some splendid Tours as well. For instance one may enjoy Turtle Tours ( Leather Back and Loggerhead Turtles), during the Summer Months both departing from St Lucia and Sodwana. Then during the Winter months one may enjoy the annual migration of the mighty Humpback Whales. Both are tremendous tours, however as one may imagine prior bookings are essential.

Fishing Tours depart daily ( weather dependant) from both St Lucia and Sodwana Bay. Fish species that one may hook include pretty much all of the Game Fish Imaginable (depending on season). Please note that these tours are also only conducted by permitted concessionaires. This is primarily to ensure high standards of service as well as safety for all clients taking part in any Tours.

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South Africa Tours (Overnight)

  • 1 to 7 Night Tours Available
  • Spectacular Wildlife
  • Qualified and Professional Rangers

South Africa Overnight Tours

Heritage Tours & Safaris has numerous overnight Tour Packages on offer. The Tour packages vary in length and therefore the amount of tours do depend on the duration of stay. However each tour package includes the very best in the area. All accommodation is based in St Lucia and all Tour Packages may include Transfers to and from Durban should you require them.

The tour packages have no hidden costs and truly will keep you as busy as possible ensuring that you get to see and experience as much as possible.

South African Tour Packages Available:

heritage tours and safaris

Heritage Tours & Safaris is a Tour Company based in the heart of St Lucia. The company was established in 2003 and today is the largest privately owned specialized safari tour company in Zululand.

The company offers a smorgasbord of tours both day only and overnight tour packages. Should you be interested in visiting South Africa and feel that a Bush and Beach Experience is what you are looking for then why not have a look at the various package Tours on Offer.

South Africa Tours ( Private versus Self Drive)

Why Book a South African Tour ( Private versus Self Drive Tour)

Private Tours as one may imagine offer experience, comfort, reliability and the ability to just sit back and relax. Self Drive Tours to South Africa offer one the ability to enjoy as much time at a specific sighting as well as flexibility.

Private Tours depending on the operator should have years of experience in their specific field. Rangers, Guides and Tour Guides should as well have all the needed information with regards to the specific tour. While out on a self drive tour one needs to do research. Ensure that you are also familiar with the rules and regulations for that specific area.

We are asked frequently why we suggest private tours versus self drive tours. Well firstly our rangers for instance have years of experience in the specific reserves. That said what about it, surely we could drive into the reserve and also see various wildlife. Off course that is true, however depending on the season, time of day and other contributing factors the wildlife could predominantly be in certain areas. The rangers after years have a better understanding of where they may be. Please note however that it is not a given that even the very best rangers would beable to promise any sighting. This is after all wildlife moving in large areas. Self drives may be conducted at ones personal pace, you could for instance stop anywhere and just relax and wait. Private tours and rangers know that their clients have certain expectations and therefore move at a faster pace.

South Africa is unique in the sense that the various provinces within the country offer you not only varying scenery but more importantly varying wildlife species. It is for this reason that should you decide to do any South African Tour that you realize that not all reserves are 1. Big 5 reserves, 2. do offer different wildlife species. Make sure with the Tour operator that the specific wildlife are present in the reserve that you would like to visit.

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers absolute flexibility on all of its overnight safari Tour Packages.

With years of experience in their respective field they are able to ensure that your expectations are not met but rather exceeded.

Not only is the company land based but also offer water based tours and safaris. St Lucia is home to the largest population of Hippos roaming freely, yes freely one could spot them walking through the town at night while grazing and true African sighting of years gone by.

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Another incredible and fascinating tour has to be the Turtles conducted during the Summer months along the iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

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South African Tour Tips

With a multitude of available Tours in South Africa, we thought we would include some tips prior to booking. Always ensure that you do some research prior to making bookings, check the authenticity of the company. Make sure that you do additional research on tripadvisor as this will give you a better idea as to the amount of reviews that the company has how long has the company been running for and also more importantly see how the company replies to bad reviews should they have any.

Once you have established who it is that you will be joining on tour then their are some things that you would need to take along, a Hat should be included. Sunblock and bottled water if it is not included on the tour. Check weather conditions prior to departure as the weather can or may change during the day. Camera and extra memory cards with a zip lock bag for lenses and dust or water proof bag. If you are going on a walking tour please do make sure that you walk them in before the actual tour to avid any discomfort.

Tips and Tour Guides, it is customary to tip the guide, ranger 10% although it is not expected. Always ask as many questions as possible while out on tour your guide or ranger has studied hard and usually has years of experience. They will undoubtedly be grateful with more questions as it shows interest.

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Words from our Clients

clients on safari

This is a spectacular tour operator. We had a 3 night/4 day safari package with Heritage in late May, and I can't say enough nice things about them. Our tour guides Zane, John and Stephan (I hope I have the spellings of the names right) were spectacular. You couldn't have asked for more accommodating, personable, friendly and knowledgeable people to take us around to see the wildlife areas. 

We also got a real kick out of just being in the small community of St. Lucia. It is such a cute town, with great restaurants and friendly people everywhere. We also loved the "naughty monkeys"--even when they jumped on our backpack and stole a banana, or when we were eating a picnic lunch on one of the tours and about a dozen monkeys were encircled around us, ready to swoop down and steal a dinner roll. 

We loved staying at the Heritage House. The staff there is very warm and welcoming, and the snacks that were available 24/7 were incredible! Good smells were always coming out of the kitchen. I want the date balls and muffin recipes!

Everything about this tour was a incredible experience, and will serve for some very special memories that we will always treasure.

tripadvisor client review

I can't say enough about the time we spent with Heritage Tours. We did the hippo and croc late afternoon tour as well as the full day safari and wetlands tour. The guides were top notch. David in particular was an absolute pleasure to have as a guide. I loved that he spotted a dung beetle and chameleon along the road that we could hold as well as spotting the big game for us. He was the perfect driver and guide. You could tell he has been doing this a long time. Our night drive had to be cancelled because of heavy rain and we had no trouble at all getting a refund. Thanks to the whole Heritage tours team for making our time with you the best part of our whole trip.

tripadvisor clients

We did the full day safari at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi yesterday and we couldn't have wished for a better day.. Our guide John was really kind and patient and also very knowledgeable, giving us detailed information on the wildlife, their habits and the areas. The trip was a truly unforgettable experience and we were lucky enough to see so many animals, we even saw a lion up a tree! I recommend Heritage Tours and Safaris strongly as they delivered 100% on every aspect A-Z.


Heritage Tours & Safaris

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