Elephants & Lions

After a week long cold spell we finally are experiencing warmer weather, sightings during the cooler weather was poor with the odd Lion and Rhino sighting. However as the weather has warmed up it would seem so too are the animals, yesterdays safari to Hluhluwe was incredible with Elephants virtually around every corner, one being so bold as to put his trunk onto the bonnet of the game drive vehicle. As you can imagine incredible pictures and fast beeting hearts.

With the rest of the days safari Lions where seen in the lower Umfolozi, Buffalo in the plains and Rhino browsing. A goods safari all in all, happy clients clients and with even more great weather expected we are sure to have a splendid week in the reserve.

Departure times will remain the same for winter safaris and departure times are 5:00 am from St Lucia or meet us at the gates at 6:00 am. Early departures gives us a chance to witness the predators within the reserve as this is the most active times to view them. Warm coffee, tea and more awaits you.

elephant in musk Elephants enjoying a mud bath elephant spraying water

Here is some interesting Facts on Elephants hope you enjoy

Their are 3 Species of Elephants 1. African Savannah Elephant 2. African Forest Elephant 3. Asian Elephant

The Elephants tusk is most definately the most important characteristic both the Male and Female have tusks however it is the Males that grow to be the largest. Did you know that up to a quarter of the tusk is buried within the skull of the Elephant. Teeth are made of dentine. The tusk is used for numerous activities such as digging, breaking bark of trees and defence. The tusk also never stops growing. Some of the larger tusks recorded have weighed upto 100kg. The Elephants trunk can suck upto 4 lt of water at a time and squirt this into his or her mouth. This is also a way of cooling down when the squirt the water over themselves.Their trunks can pick up weights of upto 270kg  with upto 100 000 muscles inside of their trunks.

The trunk is also used to feel and smell this may be seen when a Elephant picks his trunk up into the air. The ears of an Elephant is also used to fan themselves as this cools their blood, this constant flapping ensures a moderate tempreture is maintained. When a Elephant mock charges he or she will open their ears wide and run at you, this is done to intimidate you and make you move away it is when the Elephant charges youu without opening his ears that you really have to get out of the way. One needs to be careful when a male Elephant is in musk one may clearly see this at it looks as if the Elephant is crying he will also be wet between the legs and these Elephants need to be left alone.

Elephants are incredible inteligent and have numerous human tendancies, they incredible to witness and see how they react within the group.

Until our next update enjoy and explore the African Bush.