Hippo & Honey Badger Stand Off

honey badgerLiving in Zululand ensures that we have our fare share of unique sightings, all one needs to do is slow down, watch and listen. During one of our Hippo & Croc boat safaris offered on the St Lucia Estuary our clients where fortunate enough to witness something most amazing. With ideal weather conditions and not a breath of wind while on the vessel, our skipper was amazed to see a Hippo run out of the water at full speed, why thats not normal their usual behaviour would be if threatened to run into the water and not out of it. He imediately slowed down and turned the outboard motors off. Lets take a moment and see what the Hippo is up too as this is most certaily unusual behaviour he explained to the confused clients.


A rustle in the bushes and the next moment a Honey Badger appeared on the banks of the Estuary. It would seem that that the Hippo must have seen the Honey Badger earlier and decided for some reason to run out and try and intimidate the Badger. However to the surprise of both the Skipper/Guide and Clients the Honey Badger would not budge. The Hippo made some very loud noises and still the Badger refused to budge, more gestures from the Hippo to retrace his steps back into the bush also failed. This continued for some time and still the Badger refused to move in fact the Badger now slowly progressed forward towards the Hippo. This surely could not be a Badger intimidating a Hippo well the next moment the Hippo turned around and darted back into the water, leaving the Badger closer to the waters edge than before.

The victor was without a doubt the Badger, what caused this all we are still not sure however once again the Honey Badger has proven himself as a determined and unintimidated creature. What an experience for off the Skipper as well. It never ceases to amaze us just when we think we have seen it all we are surprised once again.

Nature has so much to offer and show just slow down, listen and watch it happens each and every day.

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