Game Reserves in South Africa

South Africa game reserves

Game Reserve Authorities in South Africa

Game Reserves in South Africa

KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife operate and manage all public game reserves in KwaZulu Natal.

game reserves in south africa sanparks

San Parks operate and manage all public game reserves in the remainder of South Africa including Kruger National Park.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is synonymous for save the Rhino campaign in the 60's when less than 100 Rhinos roamed the planet. Techniques and procedures where adapted here which resulted in the population growth and ultimately the revival of stocks. The largest game reserve in KwaZulu Natal is the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. This 96000 hectare reserve is truly a gem with an abundance of wildlife including the African Big 5. Some interesting history of days when King Shaka himself used the lower Umfolozi as his personal hunting grounds. As the reserve is not as vast as Kruger it is easier to navigate and more importantly easier to observe the incredible wildlife.

game reserves in south africa

Game Reserves in South Africa

Herewith a list of the top Game Reserves in South Africa

Please note that the following game reserves are in different provinces within South Africa. We have not included the private game reserves in South Africa but rather a list of public game reserves found within South Africa.

Top Game Reserves in KwaZulu Natal South Africa

south african game reserves hluhluwe game reserve

1. Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa, home to the Big5, Cheetah and Wild Dogs to mention but just the larger species that one may encounter. This reserve is a 96000 hectare reserve that is truly as impressive and magnificent as Kruger National Park.

largest elephants tembe game reserves in south africa

2. Tembe Game Reserve situated in the northern section of Natal this reserve offers one sightings of the largest Elephants on the planet. Incredible and superb reserve.

game reserves south africa mkuze game reserve

3. Mkuze Game Reserve situated midway between Hluhluwe and Tembe this reserve is a world class reserve should you be interested in witnessing Birdlife, please note that Lions now have know been released.

game reserves in south africa ndumo game reserve

4. Ndumo Game Reserve in the top northern section of Natal this reserve previously part of the ivory route borders Mozambique a true bush experience awaits you.

top game reserves in south africa isimangaliso wetland park

5. iSimangaliso Wetland Park a world heritage site that stretches from St Lucia to the border of Mozambique.


Sanparks South Africa are in charge of the remainder of the public reserves in South Africa. These include the following reserves.

game reserves in south africa kruger national park

1. Kruger National Park, South Africa's largest game reserve.

game reserves in south africa pilanesberg

2. Pilanesburg Game Reserve a wildlife sanctuary situated close to Sun City.

top game reserves in south africa addo park

3. Addo Elephant Game Reserve situated close to Port Elizabeth.

Each province within South Africa offers you a different feel combined with the incredible wildlife species that one may encounter while in the various game reserves it sure to be incredible. Heritage Tours & Safaris offers overnight South African Safari Packages to the majority of these game reserves with years of experience in safari travel we are sure to make your next safari outing a memorable and enjoyable one. We hope and trust that you will enjoy and visit the various game reserves in South Africa.

Please do note that all Game Reserves in South Africa have pretty much the same rules, please do adhere to them at all times.

Most importantly please adhere to the speed limit at all times, in most cases the speed limit is 40km/h and even this in so many cases is to fast while out searching for those sightings, remember don't look at the bush but through the bush. Do Not get out of ones vehicle all game reserves are exactly that game reserves with wild animals walking around. Respect them and please please do not get out except in areas demarcated. Numerous game reserves have hides an exceptional place to get out and enjoy the area from the protection of the hide, alternatively picnic areas will be found within the reserves. With poaching at an all time high presently within South Africa please we would like to ask you for your assistance should you come across anything suspicious and report it immediately.

game reserves in south africa, hluhluwe game reserveSightings within the various game reserves vary during the year this is due to seasonal migrations, the availability of water and grazing. Remember always to be on the look out and drive slowly as you are sure to find something small or large around the very next corner.

Keep an eye out should Elephants be in musk as this is the critical time for them to be quite agitated, keep your distance at all times. Of all of the Big 5 within the game reserves Elephants can prove to be the most destructive so it is advisable to keep ones distance. Keep in mind that vehicles parked in front of you need an escape route please do not park them in and please do also stop a few meters away from the vehicle in front of you.

clients on safari with heritageIn the event of a Elephant being in close proximity ensure that you have switched your vehicle off, keep calm and refrain from making any noise and sudden movements. Should the Elephant or Elephants not be in musk then relax and just enjoy a truly unique experience. Once the Elephant has moved off a safe distance then only should one switch one's vehicle on so as to not to annoy the animal. Move off at a safe speed.


 Game Reserves in South Africa


game reserve in south africa

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