Hluhluwe Hats

Hluhluwe Hats

Why is it Important to wear a Hat in Hluhluwe

A silly topic I think not, Hluhluwe Hats and the wearing of hats while in Hluhluwe why you might ask. Well as we are quickly once again approaching summer in Hluhluwe we thought we might just highlight why we think a hat should be worn while in Hluhluwe. 

No it has nothing to do with the animals, however after years of offering daily safaris into the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park we thought we might just ask you to wear a hat while out on a safari. Open Game Drive Vehicles are as one may imagine open. The sun and the heat contribute greatly to the days outing, and we would advise that taking a simple hat to Hluhluwe with you would alleviate this problem of becoming a bit uncomfortable during the day. 

What type of hat well any hat what so ever one that you would feel most comfortable with and of-course make you look ready for the bush. Brightly colored hats well maybe not lets try and keep it as neutral as possible. After all we do not wont the animals to say something about us. 

Please remember to take sunblock along as well if possible. Have fun and enjoy the most amazing park in Africa. 

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Safari Tips:

Seasons play a large role in sightings, size of the park has a contributing factor on wildlife carrying capacity. Water is paramount and while searching for wildlife it is always a good idea to try and stay close to the source.

Various safari operators offer different types of safaris, one being closed game drive type vehicles while others offer open game drive vehicles. Always inquire prior to a safari what type of safari vehicle will be used to maximize ones possibilities of viewing the animals.

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