Hluhluwe Impala Facts Information Pictures

Hluhluwe Impala Facts Information and Pictures


Medium sized antelope that roam throughout Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve


Hluhluwe Impala Facts Information and Pictures

Herbivore, Mammal, weight between 40 and 70 kg, height 80 to 90 cm, lifespan up to 12 years. Impala's can reach speeds of up to 60km/h. Males are revered  to as rams and females are ewes. Males produce a scent from a gland on their foreheads to is done to advertise their status. During harsh weather conditions a female can delay giving birth by up to a month. Impala can jump 10 feet and up to 33 feet ahead.

Impala utilize various forms of alerts while in herds, one is a bark like grunt alerting the entire herd as to predators. 

They are generally found in grasslands and woodlands close to water sources. Males will leave dung heaps in order to create their territory. Territories may range as far as 3 square miles.Female herds comprise of 10 to 50 and they are able to wander through the various male territories. The female is almost the same size as the male however she has no horns.

Did you know that the young are mostly born during mid day as this is when most predators are resting.

lion charge umfolozi

Lion's, Cheetah, Leopards, Hyena and Wild Dogs are all predators.