Hluhluwe Umfolozi Leopard Facts, Information, Pictures and Videos


Leopards are closely related to Lion's, Tigers and Jaguars. Populations are endangered especially outside of Africa. Seeing one of these incredible animals is purely a life changing experience. Their ability to camouflage themselves and day time activities make them very difficult to view. These creatures are primarily active during the night which makes sightings even more difficult.

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This Leopard picture was taken by Stacey Farrell in iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Leopard Facts, Information, Pictures and Videos

Leopards are very strong and with their ability to climb trees will mostly take their kill into the trees, this also alleviates scavengers from getting to their kill.

These nocturnal animals live a isolated life, very rarely will one encounter two to three Leopards together if witnessed this would be due to mating.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Leopard Facts, Information, Pictures and Videos

Female Leopards can give birth anytime during the year and two/ four offspring are normally born. Gestation period is between 90 and 105 days from which 1 to 6 offspring are born. At birth Kittens weigh up to 500 grams. The young will stay with their mother for 18 to 24 months.

The mortality rate during the first year is 40 to 50 percent.

Female Leopards will have a range of between 15/17 square kilometers while their Male counterparts would have a range of between 30 to 75 square kilometers. Virtually no overlap in territory between males exist.

The typical lifespan of a Leopard is between 12 to 17 years.

Best times to witness a Leopard, should you be travelling to a reserve then it is best to try and enter as early as possible or very late afternoon. Leopards are not very active during day light hours and therefore sighting one will most definitely be an incredible one, one we assure you that you will never forget. Should you have the opportunity then we would advise that you do a Night Drive Safari as this will undoubtedly increase your chances of coming across this magnificent creature.

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