Leopard Stealth and Strength

Leopard Stealth and Strength

Leopards Remain Incredible

While out on Safari last week we where incredibly fortunate to have come across this magnificent Leopard. At first we where quite confused as to why this Leopard was roaming around in broad daylight. Further the fact that he seemed less worried about being out in the open.  Mystery continued as in the video one will see that numerous animals at first truly can not believe their eyes when they actually see the Leopard. The Wart Hogs seemed a bit confused and then scatter. Finally the Leopard it would seem realized sitting out on the open isn't working and then returns to the shade and a bit of camouflage. While sitting in the shade one sees the Wildebeest coming for a drink and it is then that the Leopard quickly shows some interest. Perched up right he watches from the dark, and then within a split second jumps to action. This may have been due to the fact that the Leopard in all honesty wasn't truly well hidden in the first place. 

The attack was so incredibly fast that one truly hasn't time to blink and its all over. We realize that highlighting kills is not truly something that everyone would like to see, however its the Leopards Stealth and Strength that is just so remarkable. 

Until our next sighting update, Keep Exploring and Discovering.

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