Snorkeling in Zululand

Snorkeling in Zululand kwazulu natal south africa

Snorkeling in Zululand

while, iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Snorkeling in Zululand Information and Tips

Virtually Warm Indian Ocean Water year round offers you the perfect reason to go Snorkeling while in Zululand. The area, iSimangaliso Wetland Park covers an enormous area stretching from St Lucia in the South to the northern reaches bordering Mozambique. Within this area one has numerous areas in which to snorkel some unprotected areas and others within protected bays such as Cape Vidal, Zululand.

To access Cape Vidal for snorkeling one has numerous options one being that you can do a self drive through this splendid park and en-route witness various wildlife. Then once at Cape Vidal one can leisurely snorkel at ones own pace. If you should opt for this option please take the following into consideration.

Snorkeling in Zululand Cape Vidal Tips:

Snorkeling can only be enjoyed during the low tide at Cape Vidal, it is imperative that one only attempts snorkeling during this tide. This is due to various currents and rips that are frequent in the area and caution has to be taken. While Snorkeling in this Zululand Bay please ask the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife officials where one is permitted to snorkel as this area is also utilized by offshore boating enthusiasts. 

While snorkeling please take note of any changing weather conditions. The area may become sanded up during winter months however during the summer months the entire bay is completely exposed and truly is a wonderful area to explore and snorkel.

Snorkeling Tips:

  • Always clean your mask prior to snorkeling especially if it is a new set, use dish washing liquid first and then rinse
  • Always ensure that your mask is in good order, make sure that it seals properly or the unit may leak water while snorkeling
  • Fins are not required while in this bay for snorkeling as the area is somewhat limited, take your time as their is a bountyful of various species to enjoy
  • During the Northwesterly winds one may encounter blue bottles, please keep your distance and should you become stung use Vinegar to alleviate the sting 

In St Lucia their are various tour operators that offer organised snorkeling while in the area, this may be option two should you require that something more. Sit back and relax while your ranger and guide for the day takes you through this amazing reserve, Did you Know that iSimangaliso Wetland Park is South Africa's very first world heritage site since 1999. This area which means place of miracles has so much to offer not just snorkeling, incredible scenery, wildlife and information not to mention the awesome snorkeling once at Cape Vidal. 

Snorkeling Zululand can be a super treat, always take care and make sure that you have inquired all relative information from either tour operators in the area or locals.


Heritage Tours & Safaris would like to invite you on a Cape Vidal, Zululand Snorkeling Experience, the company was established in 2003 and has since grown in offering a wide variety of excursions and safari outings while in the area of Zululand. However should you feel that you would like to explore the area on your own then please do not hesitate in dropping us a email for any information that you might require. 

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