Stellenbosch Wine Tasting Tours

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Stellenbosch Wine Tasting Tours

What to expect while out in Stellenbosch.

Stellenbosch wine tasting tours have for years been one of the top tours that one just has to experience firsthand while in the area of Stellenbosch.

This unique area with it's incredible scenery of valleys, picturesque mountains and vineyards scattered makes for some incredible outings. Not to mention the magnificent photographic opportunities. Stellenbosch is magnificent just no other words can describe it. Sunny, warm in summer and magical in winter. Wine tours in Stellenbosch is of an incredible standard and do compete favorably to other wine destinations across the world.

South Africa, particularly Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Paarl and Worcestor remain among the top destinations to visit for wine tasting.

Stellenbosch Wine Tasting Tours

What exactly is a Wine Tour

A wine tour in the area of Stellenbosch predominantly means that you will visit the actual wine estate situated in vicinity of Stellenbosch. As of late all wine estates are open to the public and offer daily wine tasting tours where one can get to taste all of their tastiest. Some wine estates are more known for their reds or alternatively whites however the journey is but tasty and most importantly memorable.

What to Expect while out on a Wine Tour in Stellenbosch

This tour is and remains something fun to do with friends, family or even on one of those special occasions. One can expect that all wine estates that you will visit has an incredible setting. Just imagine sipping wines among-st the vineyards with oak trees and spectacular scenery. This is something that just can not be rushed sit back, learn how it was made, what makes it so incredible and most importantly enjoy the experience.

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Wine Tasting and Pairing in Stellenbosch

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Why not try various wines paired with something special. Wine pairing is an incredible way to discover the magic that wine offers. Numerous wine estates in and around Stellenbosch offer wine pairing. Pairing wines with South African Biltong, Chocolate, Cheese and many other alternatives are but just a start into your discover of the incredible Stellenbosch wines.

Wine Pairing Tips and Books

Over the last couple of years Wine Pairing has fast become something one should try. Initially just the thought was quite strange however public opinion has quickly changed and Estates offering this unique opportunity today are continuously fully booked. Not to mention the fact that not very much literature was available on the subject and hence some apprehension prevailed.

Herewith is a list of some incredible literature that you might enjoy on the subject of Wine Pairing.

Balance: Matching Food and Wine - What works and Why. Lyndey Milan and Colin Corney, Lothian 2005 (AUS)

Great Tastes Made Simple: Extraordinary Food and Wine Pairing for Every Palate. Andrea Immer

Matching Food & Wine: classic and not so classic combinations. Michel Roux Jr