What is a Safari Braai

So What is a Safari Braai

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What is a Braai

Traditionally called Bry in South Africa, meaning to make a wood fire and roast meat on a grid. No word can better describe South Africa as the word Braai. We all do it no matter what, be it on a gas grill or wood fire. 

Most South African's would have a braai over the weekends. This is a social time when friends family would all get together and sit back and relax. 

Safari Braai

Heritage Tours & Safaris departs daily out on Safari into the incredible Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. The safari tours conducted offer catering however it is only the Full Day Safari that offers one the opportunity to enjoy a Safari Braai.

A Safari Braai while out in the Bush can only be described as incredible, sitting back and relaxing all the while listening to the wild. Listening to the Rangers tales and experiences. It is just something one has to experience first hand while out in Africa.

How to Make a Braai

First step is to decide on what type of fire it is that you are going to make, Gas, Charcoal or Wood. Which ever type of fuel one makes use of will have a tremendous effect on the taste of ones meat. 

Gas is by far the quickest alternative and therefore not the most social option not to mention the most favorable taste. 

Charcoal is based on the idea of a wood braai the charcoal will add some woody flavors to ones meat. 

Wood is by far the most popular option however access to various types of wood would depend on where it is that one resides. 

Lets discuss the Wood Braai and How to Enjoy One

First Rule one can never have enough wood. The more the better. The type of wood plays an enormous factor on burning time and how much coals it makes. This is the first rule knowing how much coals one will have and what type of meat one will be Braaing.

Gone are the days when loads of kindling is needed just get a fire starter eg. Blitz

braai fire starter  This will undoubtedly make it easier as once again this is a social and not meant to be work. Pack your Blitz or alternative first into the Braai, light the fire starter and then pack your wood around it. Try to pack smaller pieces and then gradually pack larger pieces ontop. 

Now taking into consideration the amount of wood that one has sit back and social. Occasionally add some more pieces to the fire. When you have decided that every person is really hungry maybe add yet another piece or two of wood to the fire. This ensures that everyone will be grateful that they actually had something to eat at your Braai (hehe). When you have decided that you have enough coals to ensure that you can successfully cook all of the meat then its time to place the first meat onto the grid. 

It is imperative that one can access the amount of coals and heat available to properly Braai ones meat. Chicken is quite a tricky one as it will take the longest to cook properly and less coals are needed. Make sure you do not put the chicken directly onto the full heat. Other pieces of meat that can be added at this stage is Sausage (Boerewors) this will cook quickly and is the perfect starter for everyone that has been waiting patiently.

Once the chicken is half done one can add Steak, Chops or other cuts of meat. All meat needs to be done at the same time after all your guests have been waiting for quite some time.

That is how one makes a braai, salads are perfect compliment with Braaied meats especially for those warm South African days. 

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