Amazing Full Day Safari

Its been yet another amazing day while out on a full day safari into Hluhluwe Game Reserve. A early start and we where rewarded with Lions, close to the Centenary Centre with the sun rising and an absolute calm wind free day what an experience. Animal calls, birds in flight and clean crisp air. When continued with our safari towards Umfolozi, knowing that our final destination would be Sontuli Loop, en-route Impalla, Buffalo and Giraffe lounging about in the thick dense grass after some magnificent rains over the past few weeks.

A quick stop for some hot or cold refreshments and some tasty snacks to humble that grumble. We moved on and we where once again rewarded with Wild Dogs running in front of the safari vehicle. These creatures have a hunting success rate of almost 90% an incredible capability. Further on we spotted Cheetah lazing about with high temperatures who could blame them. Then mother and calf incredible sighting of Rhino’s, Elephant and¬†Wildebeest.

The afternoon stop for some lunch with the Umfolozi river as back drop was incredible, the lunch a traditional South African Braai. Lunch time is always a nice time to get to know the clients a bit better, not only does one see and hear how much they have enjoyed the safari so far but also how much clients have learnt while on safari. With numerous questions answered we boarded the game drive safari vehicle once again and travelled even deeper into the bush. Rewards ? numerous and camera’s bursting to the maximum, unfortunately it was once again time to make our way home.

A full day safari or half day safari makes for some impressive sightings. Our goal is to ensure that immaterial of time constraints that you might have to get to see and experience as much as possible. All game rangers have numerous years experience and we would be delighted to take you on a safari.


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