Cape Town Safari Packages

Cape Town Safari Packages

Join us and discover Cape Town on one of our Safari Packages, each Cape Town Safari Package offers one a unique perspective on the mother city and its surrounds. From Big 5 Safari's to wine tasting. We are proud to offer you a variety of overnight Holiday safari packages varying from 2 day, 3 day, 4 day to 9 days out and about. All Cape Town Safari Packages have been designed to incorporate the very best in the allotted time frame, should you feel that you might like to change some outings please do feel free to let us know and one of our friendly staff members will make the changes.

Cape Town Information and areas of Interest while out on Safari

Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and unmistakedly one of the most beautiful cities one will ever visit. With its rich history, culture and customs one will quickly realise the enormous cross diversity that exists in the city of Cape Town. Cape Town offers of the top five attractions in South Africa all the while in Cape Town these include Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, V & A Waterfront & Robben Island. One will definately never be bored while in the mother city.

However what sets Cape Town apart is its imperssive setting, the splendid pristine white beaches while having the flat Table Mountain in the background.

Cape Town offers an incredible array of safari packages, from day tours and excursions to overnight safari packages. This has immensely contributed to the fact that Cape Town has fast grown as the top destination to travel to while in South Africa. Contributing factors that have made this destination compete with the likes of top destinations abroad include, incredibly friendly people, their outlook on the city and its surrounding areas is just astonishing. Not to mention Table Mountain that of course is a icon in its self but its much more than the normal icons and incredible scenery its all about pride. South Africans are just that, incredibly proud.

Travelling to Cape Town is efficient and easy yes like any city in the world their are certain areas that one may have to avoid but that is the norm anywhere. Both national and international travellers flock to the area year round. Their is truly something for everyone. During the summer months one can expect glorious weather ideal for a trip to Table Mountain only to be met by spectacular views that seem to continue into oblivion. Or treat ones self with a visit to Stellenbosch or Franshoek some of the top warm farms in the area. Don't forget Franschoek now offers a tram tour to various wine tasting farms what a way to explore.

Some Safari Package Travel Tips:

Always bear in mind that the African weather can be very unpredictable, never mind what weather is forecast always take a light jacket along preferably waterproof. Please should you be joining a safari, please do not wear brightly coloured clothing. Always take a hat , sunblock and bottled water along. If you are joining in on a hike then please do ensure that you have walked your shoes in prior to the hike. Camera's, lenses, and memory cards make sure that you have a waterproof bag and that lenses are packed separately in zip lock bags this will eliminate dust getting in and unnecessary costs incurred.

Cape Town Safari Package Options

3 night hluhluwe umfolozi south africa safari package

Some Remarkable Places to Visit (self-drive) while Cape Town

Gordons Bay too has some incredible areas to visit not to mention a magnificent beach for bathing during the summer months. Along the coastal road one will also encounter numerous restaurants that offer glorious seafood at reasonable prices. Their food and menus do not include any famous chef ingredient's nor ways of preparing the food just tastes perfect.

Stellenbosch with its numerous museums and home to one of the top universities in the country has much to showcase. However for a real feel travel to this area over the weekends their are always markets, for some incredible wares, art and furniture obviously wine tasting and more. For the kids look out for the farms that offer strawberry picking when in season what a way to start the day with smiles in their faces. Its not always about the top hotels nor restaurants, meet the people of Cape Town and you too would be inspired to return to this amazing city.

Winter in Cape Town, well who would have guessed it. Its all about fire places and red wine, no matter where one finds themselves their will also be a venue that offers some amazing venues to sit back socialize and enjoy. The city of Cape Town has developed numerous winter festivals, excursions and outings, well done Cape Town.

So what are the numerous Cape Town Safari Packages on offer then, well that would only depend on what it is that you would like to experience. Cape Town and its surrounding area and in that I mean a radius of less than 500 km can easily witness so much. Aquila Big 5 safaris day or overnight safaris are available. City Tours, Peninsula Tours, Wine Tasting Tours, Horse Back Riding, Robbin Island Tours and the list just goes on and on.

Heritage Tours & Safaris have some splendid safari packages to Cape Town as well as Natal South Africa. These safari packages include either Cape Town only explore Zululand as well. Why you might ask well Zululand offers a true African experience and by that we mean Bush and Animals. Subtropical weather year round with pristine beaches. We would like to invite you in exploring some of our exciting Cape Town Safari Packages for more Please Click Here

Cape Town safari packages