Hluhluwe Info

hluhluwe information

Hluhluwe Info

Hluhluwe Information, Hluhluwe Bookings, Hluhluwe Safaris and Hluhluwe Reservations herewith a full and comprehensive explanation and description on this incredible and magnificent Game Reserve.

Hluhluwe Info:

Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Game Reserve are now one reserve, Hluhluwe is situated in the northern section of the reserve while the Umfolozi is situated in the southern section. The two have a very distinct and diversified look and feel. Hluhluwe is accessible by the Memorial gate and is a mere 13km away from the town of Hluhluwe. Hluhluwe landscape is more hilly thus offering some amazing scenes from various outlooks. However more dense with bush in certain areas it may become a bit more difficult for viewing the various species in the area during certain times of the year.  Animal concentrations vary according to the time of the year and therefore it is always wise to do some prior research should you like to focus your search on certain animal species.

hluhluwe umfolozi hides   hluhluwe picnic spots

Please do take note that the Hluhluwe section offers numerous picnic spots that are just incredible, so should you like to enjoy a picnic please take all foodstuff along. Hilltop camp does provide various foodstuff at a reasonable price and is situated plus minus 18km from the memorial gate (entry).

Hides and loop roads, it is always a case of how much time do you have to spend within any game reserve, Hluhluwe has numerous hides and loop roads that have been developed in certain areas. These offer some incredible value, get of the beaten track and travel deeper into this incredible reserve. Hides on the other hand give you the chance to get out of ones vehicle and witness the wildlife from within a protective structure either over looking a water source or other magnificent scenes.

hluhluwe memorial gate

Gate times do vary from season to season so please do take note a fines will be imposed should you depart after closing times. Hluhluwe officers do also enforce the speed within the reserve and please do take note that the speed limit is 40km/hour. Penalties and fines will be imposed. Speed is a killer and yearly many species are killed due to speeding. Hluhluwe is an incredible game reserve and one should always have enough time on your hand to enjoy this reserve. So slow down as you will also be able to witness a lot more.

Hluhluwe History

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Hluhluwe Accommodation:

Numerous Accommodations are on offer within the Hluhluwe Park, we have compiled a updated list of all and should you like to view them Please Click Here

Hluhluwe Bookings:

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Hluhluwe Day Safaris

Hluhluwe Day Safaris concentrate only in the Northern section of the reserve, numerous operators operate from this side of the reserve, including Ezemvello wildlife. To make a booking one has to book prior due to popularity. Heritage Tours & Safaris offers unique safaris to this the Hluhluwe as well as the Umfolozi section with daily departures. The company offers 3 hour, half day and full day safaris for information and availability Click Here not to mention the incredible Safari Packages on offer. These packages showcase not only Hluhluwe Umfolozi but also iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

Please note that Heritage Tours & Safaris now also offers Accommodation in St Lucia a mere 45 min drive from the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve. The accommodation At Heritage House  offers a true safari colonial decorated home, all rooms have a stylish and warm feel. While overnighting At Heritage House one can enjoy numerous safaris and outings while in St Lucia South Africa. For information and news from St Lucia Click Here.

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 Hluhluwe Info Map

hluhluwe info map On the map it is clearly indicated where the Hluhluwe and Imfolozi sections are. As discussed earlier these two sides where not accessible and one had to access either one at a time. This no longer exists and one can now enjoy both sides of the reserve from any given gate.

The memorial gate is situated in the north eastern side and is situated only 13km from the town of Hluhluwe. Once at the Memorial gate in the Hluhluwe side it is advisable to obtain a map as it will indicate all roads both gravel and tar as well as all of the loop roads and hides within the area. Maphumulo Picnic spot is a great place to set up a picnic or braai, while enjoying the incredible wildlife which frequent the area. This picnic spot is set on the banks of the nearby river and when the water levels are high enough why not join on the boat safari.

Hilltop Camp is the larger of the accommodations in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Hilltop offers not only accommodation but a restaurant and shop are also on the premises.

Hluhluwe topography in general is a bit more hilly than its counter part the Umfolozi this may make sightings a bit harder however one may access numerous loop roads that are available within the Hluhluwe Game Reserve.

Umfolozi Reserve situated in the southern side is larger however not all of the park is accessible this is due to the wilderness area. This area is mostly utilised for overnight hiking trails and this takes place in the winter months. Should you be interested please do make enquiries prior as this is a very popular outing. The Umfolozi main centre is the Mpilla Camp which offers various styles of Accommodation, small shop, fuel and picnic area amongst others. The Umfolozi with its larger area in which to travel thus offers a better chance of witnessing more wildlife and it is a good tip to try and stay close to the water sources found in the area. Sontuli loop has always been a top area in which to travel and also to enjoy a picnic.

Please do take care when travelling within the reserve, the speed limit is 40km/h. Do not get out of ones vehicle at any time unless you are in a designated area that permits this. Please do remember that this is a wildlife area and even if you are out of your car please do be on the lookout at all times. All hides have been strategically placed within the reserve they offer one some incredible views from where one can sit and relax.

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Hluhluwe Info