Day Safari South Africa

Day Safari's South Africa, Big 5 Half and Full Day Safari

Day Safari South Africa

Witness the incredible and splendid African Big 5 while in South Africa

Day Safari

A Day Safari, Family Day Safari, Honeymoon Day Safari or a Self Drive Day Safari in South Africa can be one of the most incredible and magnificent things that you can ever do. A sighting of Lion, Elephant or better yet a Leopard will be a life changing experience. The African Big 5 are spectacular and to witness them out in the African bush will undoubtedly be astounding.

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What to Take Along on a Day Safari

Never forget that the weather in South Africa can be quite unpredictable and therefore it is essential to take certain items along on ones day safari.

Essentials for a Day Safari in South Africa

  1. Light Jacket (Water Proof if possible)
  2. Backpack (Water Proof if possible)
  3. Hat definitely
  4. Sunblock (even if it's overcast)
  5. Zip Lock bags (lenses, mem cards)
  6. Binoculars if possible
  7. Extra Mem cards definitely
  8. Extra camera battery
  9. Bottled water if not supplied
  10. What to wear on Safari (Click Here)

Self Drive Day Safari Versus Organised

A self drive safari (Tips) can be incredible, provided that you have done some research on the area. Ensure that you have the latest information and maps of the area.

Self Drive versus Organised Day Safari

  1. Self drive offers the freedom of discovery
  2. Stay longer at certain sightings
  3. Target ones personal wildlife species
  4. Enjoy the option of unlimited time in the park
  5. Enter and depart whenever you feel the need too
  6. Organised departure times are set
  7. Guides offer incredible information
  8. Guides know the area and where to travel to
  9. Catering may be included
  10. Sit back and relax


Day Safari South Africaso where does one even start. South Africa has so much to offer not to mention the amount of Day Safari Options or Day Tour's. Each individual Province in South Africa has it's own hidden gem be it a reserve, monument or place of interest. South Africa has a vast amount of world heritage sites, KwaZulu Natal for instance has two one being iSimangaliso Wetland Park and the other Drakensberg. All world heritage sites are incredible tourist destinations and most will offer a variety of tours and day safari outings.

What Exactly is a Day Safari Then?

What exactly is a Day Safari while in South Africa, generally one would expect any safari to include wildlife better yet the African Big 5. Please do take note that no one can guarantee sightings of the Big 5 while out on safari. Some other incredible day safari options also include Boat Safari's.

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A day safari would generally start early before sunrise or late afternoon with one of those incredible African sunsets. A bit of a chill, en-route to the bush is almost guaranteed however that unforgettable sunrise and scenery never mind where one is will surpass any expectation. The bush has it's own feel and sound, a rustle with Elephants trumpeting or Monkey's calls of distress deep in the bush. Each day safari in Africa is a unique one new expectations new sightings and always something new to witness and learn.

Highlights during day safari's could include witnessing the entire Big 5 or something entirely different, just imagine experiencing and witnessing the grace that Elephants have with their young. Stopping for some refreshments or pipping hot coffee all the while deep in the bush will undoubtedly be something you will never forget. It's a place of freedom where nature still overcomes its daily difficulties yet such amazement awaits.

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Day Safari Sightings Vary Why?

Day safari sightings vary from day to day, never be dissapointed to hear that the previous days sightings included something that you might have wanted to see. It's nature and their is truly no way of knowing what one will see on any specific day's safari. Top Tip always discuss what it is that you would like to see while out on a day safari with your ranger or guide, they have an incredible understanding of the bush and will at all times try their very best to ensure that your day safari is something to remember.

Day Safaris in South Africa do not always include open game drive safari vehicles. Some safari operators offer these day safari outings in mini busses, smaller vehicles or 4x4's. One can also opt to do a self drive safari in ones own vehicle, the benefits of doing ones own day safari have numerous advantages one being that you can take your time without any time constraints.

Some further Day Safari Options while in South Africa include full day safari's or half day safari's. It truly is quite difficult to say which one is more productive when it comes to sightings. We have had numerous half day safari's go out into the bush and by 10 am all of the clients have seen the African Big 5. It really is all about the specific day and a certain amount of intuition from the ranger. Full Day Safaris are generally are more exciting and offer more sightings due to the fact that one is able to journey deeper into the bush versus a half day safari. Better yet while out on a Full Day Safari the vast amount of operators offer you a taste of a traditional South African Braai.

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Why South Africa on a Day Safari

Infrastructure within South Africa and access makes day safari's easy and manageable. One can easily access a multitude of day safari tours all the while in South Africa. Generally all roads within the country are very well maintained making access easy. KwaZulu Natal being one of the best kept of all provinces. Various national roads are tolled and therefore maintained to a high standard. Airports add to the ease of ones travel and therefore less time has to be spent traveling by car. Each province has either international or national airports.

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Heritage Tours & Safaris was established in 2003 the company is based in St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal South Africa. The company is the largest privately owned safari company in the province today. Their ability to offer service orientated day safari's and overnight safari packages has always exceeded their clients expectations. Travel and Discover the magnificent province of KwaZulu Natal all the while knowing that you are in their safe hands.

Ready to find out more? Get started today!

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