Hluhluwe Game Reserve Safari Tips

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Safari Tips and information

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Safari Tips

Hluhluwe Game Reserve Safari Tips

Ever wondered why some people just seem to be so lucky, well it may be that but a lot of it is preperation and research. We offer safaris to Hluhluwe Game Reserve on a daily basis and on numerous occasions come across clients that are either in the Reserve or have been to the reserve and most times hear them say that their just isnt any game in Hluhluwe.

Apon further questioning one quickly realises that they have not done any research what so ever. A drive into Hluhluwe must deliver sightings of the Big5 and quickly. Not taking into consideration that they may have spent 2 hours having lunch, or merely staying on the busiest part of the reserve why well their was a lot of cars so we followed them.

Should you be travelling to Hluhluwe in search of the Big5 take the following into consideration:

  • The time that you arrive at the entrance gate
  • The area that you travel in
  • The time of year
  • How busy the park is and has been
  • Where or who gave you information
  • What research have you done prior to the safari

The above factors play major roles in contributing to a succesful days Safari in Hluhluwe Game Reserve or any other Reserve that you may be entering.

The general rule of thumb is to try and be at the entrance gate as early as possible, however on numerous occasions we have departed late for the reserve and still been very rewarded in our sightings. The main contributing factor to this is that when the guides get to the reserve they have contacted as many other guides as possible to find out where the sightings have been good. Please note that numerous safari operators will be in the park and will gladly give you the where abouts of various sightings, just stop them and ask.

Make sure that you have purchased a map of the reserve as this will help tremendously once you have heard where the last sightings was. Take note not to speed and also realise that the particular animal may no longer be where the sighting took place however the animal may still be in the area.

The area of the reserve also plays a vital role as to what you may find, water sources are merely the most important places to frequent, once their take your time and wait be patient if ever their was a good place you are at it. The same go's for the hides startegically placed in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve spend some time their maybe enjoy a light snack while you are waiting and it also serves as a good place to stretch ones legs.

The time of year or season also tends to change all be it a small reserve the animals do have migrational patterns and hence the fact that particular areas do offer better sightings during different times of the year. This is due to better grazing and as well as availability of water at various areas.

Peak periods in the Reserve particularly Hluhluwe becomes incredibly busy from July to the end of November with numerous travellers so why not travel South to the Umfolozi side it is by far quieter and offers really good sightings.

Information the most important of all, how much research have you done with regards to species that may be found and where they may be found, who have you spoken to and who has offered you the best advice, the accommodation establishment might have a tour operation and thus they may have had a tour to Hluhluwe the day prior or the booking agent may have given you some advice. It is important to try and establish when the information was gathered and how relative it is to when and where you need to travel too.

Our personal and most important advice or tip is to get as much advice or information from the time you arrive in the area as well as once you arrive at the entrance to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve.

Hluhluwe Game Reserve is a wonderful and awesome reserve it will gladly show you its bueaty and wildlife, drive slowly and be vigilant.

Should you be interested in more information please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stlucia.co.za and one of our experienced guides will furnish you with the needed information..

Top Tips while in Hluhluwe Game reserve:

hluhluwe game reserve safari tips


The game reserve can be divided into two separate reserves namely the Hluhluwe and the Umfolozi. The northern section the Hluhluwe side can become very busy high seasons, it also has thicker and denser bush making it quite difficult to spot animals during the rainy season. During the dry season this side is very productive and one will be delighted with the wildlife sightings that can be enjoyed.

Umfolozi side offers wider and more open spaces, more water sources making sightings even better. With numerous picnic areas to enjoy take some food along so that you can enjoy an entire days safari. Don't forget your binoculars and extra memory cards and batteries. The top tip of all is to drive slow and look through the bush this is paramount as to often one will miss numerous sightings by speeding in the reserve.