Hluhluwe Safari South Africa


Hluhluwe Safari South Africa

Hluhluwe Safari’s offer one an exciting and relaxing way to experience wildlife in the Game Reserve, not only the oldest reserve in Africa but a Big 5 Reserve with awesome views and spectacular History. Hluhluwe Game Reserve incorporates the Umfolozi Game Reserve as well and this will undoubtedly add value to your Safari while in the Game Reserve.

Our guides that where on Safari yesterday witnessed Lions on two separate occasions one being a male not 3 meters from the open game drive vehicle and the other while hunting Giraffe. These types of safaris are experienced regularly in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve and rightly so this is contributed to the lay out of the reserve and accessibility to some of the best spots in the park. One may manage to explore and safari to both sides of the park in a single day however one should rather try to find out before hand where what species have been seen. We upload regularly our safari sightings and also include the locations as to where we have witnessed of the best sightings while on safari.

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We depart daily to Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve on safari