Hluhluwe South Africa

hluhluwe south africa

Hluhluwe South Africa

Hluhluwe, South Africa is home to the African Big5 and much more, the abundance of wildlife within the reserve means that you will see some magnificent wildlife while in the reserve. Hluhluwe is situated within Zululand 2,5hrs north of Durban. Getting here is easy one travels on the national road the N2. This road is a toll road up and until Mtunzini , from Mtubatuba take a left turn towards Nongoma R618 and travel for an additional 28km once you cross a cattle grid you have officially entered the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve.
Numerous Hluhluwe Activities are on offer within the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park these include safari’s either a organised safari through a safari agent or opt for a self-drive safari. Guided walks are on offer at Mpila Camp please note that only during the winter months, day hikes are also on offer. Hides, restaurants and picnic spots are also available within the reserve.

Organised safaris

So what’s the difference between a self-drive safari and a organised safari while in Hluhluwe South Africa ?

Hluhluwe Self Drive Safari a great alternative. Travel at one’s own pace all while in the comfort of one’s own vehicle. Should you decide to do a self-drive safari then please do take note of the various rules and regulations while within the reserve. The speed limit is 40km/h, do not get out of your car except where demarcated, when departing from ones car please do take care as wild animals may be within the area. All picnic areas do have running water, toilets and braai facilities. Make a day of it as you have a large area to explore. One can purchase a map of the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve at the various receptions please do make sure that you have one.

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Hluhluwe Safari Options include half day safaris and full day safari options. Travel with an experienced safari operator, sit back and relax. There is a huge difference in opting for a organised safari one being that the game ranger has years of experience within the reserve. He will not waste any time in getting you to the best spots in the reserve. Not to mention the information that you will receive while out on safari. A open game drive safari vehicle is specially designed to offer you maximum viewing and the seating arrangement will also be elevated. Safari operators also offer catering this being in the form of breakfast and traditional South African Braai’s.
A safari is almost like real estate it’s all about experience experience and some rangers have ample knowledge to make even the most educated smile with envy.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi South Africa has a particularly interesting history, when King Shaka used the Umfolozi as his personal hunting grounds examples of hunting pits are still evident today or how KZN started with game capturing a first in the world and how the struggle eventually assisted in saving the Rhino from extinction. Hluhluwe Umfolozi is truly a spectacular reserve while in South Africa. Its competiting contender is Kruger National Park and only due to its marketing attempts has Kruger become famous. Hluhluwe South Africa is maybe smaller but this assists in seeing more and with its tremendous scenery one will undoubtedly be impressed.

clients on safari

Herewith a few Short Stay Safari Packages while in the area of Hluhluwe Umfolozi South Africa Game Reserve

2 Night Safari Package South Africa
2 Night Safari Package brief outline of this safari includes accommodation 4 star, open game drive safaris, night drive safaris and to conclude this eventful package a boat safari.

3 Night Safari Package South Africa
3 Night Safari Package brief outline of this safari includes accommodation 4 star, open game drive safaris, night drive safaris, boat safaris and a world heritage day safari

4 Night Safari Package South Africa
4 Night Safari Package brief outline of this safari includes accommodation 4 star, open game drive safaris, night drive safaris, boat safaris, world heritage day safari and Cheetah rehab centre visit
Each individual safari package to Hluhluwe South Africa has been created to highlight the area.

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