Inquisitive Hluhluwe Umfolozi Zebra

Unique and Rare: Inquisitive Zebra Footage

Naughty and Inquisitive Zebra

Safari Live Hluhluwe Umfolozi

Just when you thought you had seen it all, well that's nature is it not. While on Safari our clients where afforded this unique opportunity of seeing a very inquisitive Zebra licking, sniffing and rubbing the game viewer. You might not think that this is rare however lets not forget that these are wild animals. It is definitely not in their nature to wonder off and explore what may seem unnatural to them especially when it is foreign. 

Sitting quietly with no movement what so ever this Zebra continued regardless of all the clients on board. Moments of laughter did however pursue and we are sure and at least this moment will remain forever. 

Our Story

Heritage Tours & Safaris is very excited about announcing our new Safari Live Video and Clip page, these short clips demonstrate and showcase the incredible moments we are able to experience while out in the bush. We hope that you will follow us and experience our journey from day to day. A safari is more than just a drive it's about passion the sights and the sounds. Knowing where to travel too and what to expect can become more exciting as we transgress from season to season. 

We will also be shortly doing some short meet our Team clips so that you can get to know the team better. 

Zebra Facts and Information:

inquisitive hluhluwe umfolozi zebra


Weight: 170 - 380 kg

Size: 2 to 2,5 m in length

Life in the wild: 9 to 25 years

Plains Zebra are medium sized with relative short legs. Black & White no two Zebra are the same.

zebra hoofs