Leopards and Lions

Elephants in hluhluwe An eventful couple of weeks have pasted with some high temperatures being experienced in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve, however with some scattered showers sightings have been incredible. The majority of the watering holes have since dried up however the Umfolozi River is still running nicely after the rains in early January.

It’s been Leopards and Lions in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve with magnificent sights of Elephants drinking from the river. During this part of the year it is nothing unusual to witness Lion’s in the trees as they try and escape the heat. At the same time numerous sightings of Leopards have taken place as well in the lower Umfolozi Game Reserve. Not only a pre cautionary measure but also great advice is to remain driving at slow speeds not only does this assist with other traffic but also greatly enhances your chances of some amazing sights within the reserve.

For incredible sightings of predators it is our advice to travel to the lower Umfolozi Game Reserve as this is a very good time to witness them in the more open plains not to mention an opportunity to see the herds of Ellies that may be encountered in the area. Please at all times should one come across elephants please do keep your distance and do not attempt to get to close to them. Lions may be encountered past Mpilla camp travel towards Sonthuli loop and No21 as these are great areas to venture to. Take into consideration that water is the livelihood of life and that these areas are and will always remain hot spots for sightings. Don’t just look around that specific area of water but keep in mind that predators do camouflage themselves in the surrounding area, so take your time and really have a good look.

Well until our next update from the Hluhluwe Game Reserve keep tracking and exploring