Lion Kill and Rhino’s Bathing

Lion Kill and Rhino's Bathing

Well it’s that time of the year again when soaring heat starts in Zululand. The highest temperature’s are between January and February and should you be traveling to Hluhluwe Umfolozi during that period please do ensure that you have enough bottled water with you. Late afternoon light showers do occasionally occur so please do also be careful of flash floods with in the reserve.

The safari sightings have been splendid this last week or so. Just this morning the rangers where fortunate to have a Lion kill just of the road in the lower Umfolozi section, other incredible sightings have included Lion’s in trees a occurring sight during summer, a great way to try and cool down. Due to the heat the animals seek shelter during mid day and therefore should you be traveling on your own one should generally try and travel either early morning and late afternoon.

Water in the park is currently good with the Umfolozi River still running so try and stay as close as possible to all watering holes during your next safari as this should be the best areas for sightings.

Have a incredible day until our next update