Safari Near Cape Town

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Safari Near Cape Town

Looking for a safari while in Cape Town, herewith a complete list of Safari Options, Safari Prices and Safari Reviews. Cape Town previously was only known for its Table Mountain and wine tasting how this has changed over the last few years. One can now enjoy numerous outings, excursions and Safari's all the while in Cape Town.

Various private reserves have opened to the public offering both day and overnight Safari Options, this with the ability to enjoy Cape Town and its incredible surroundings makes it very if not incredibly attractive. The private reserves all lie within 2,5 hours drive from the mother city and access is very easy with the existing infrastructure.

What's a Safari

Generally speaking a true safari is when you join in on a Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle, this offers one a open 360 degrees of incredible view while out in the bush. Sit back and enjoy the passion and knowledge of your experienced game ranger. Travel to the hot spots within the reserve and enjoy incredible sights. Its not just the wildlife, but the sounds that the bush and wildlife make, sitting absolutely quiet while a Elephant or Lion is right next to the vehicle and more importantly getting off and knowing that you have received the most amazing information from your ranger.

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So what makes a safari or better yet what wildlife should one be able to witness while out on a safari. This would entirely depend on the area in which the reserve lies, this would in essence contribute to the type of fauna and flora found on the property and that would contribute to the wildlife that the property would be able to keep on the property. Water however always is the key factor while having wildlife on ones property.

Heading out from Cape Town one has the opportunity to enjoy various safari providers, these properties offer incredible accommodation, restaurants and daily safari options. The majority of the wildlife have been translocated from other public and private reserves throughout South Africa. What could be nicer than enjoying the winelands ( Stellenbosch & Franshoek), Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula and then a Big 5 Safari all the while in the same area.

If this is your first safari then you are most definitely in for a treat, open plains incredible scenery and wildlife. Please do take note that the bush can not compare to that of the likes of Hluhluwe Umfolozi or Kruger National Park.

The below list of Safari Reserves offer both day and overnight safari packages. Please ensure that you have made prior bookings to avoid disappointment. The majority of the reserves offer two safaris daily one being early morning and the other late afternoon, please check for availability prior.


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List of Game Reserves Near Cape Town

aquila private game reserve

Aquila Private Game Reserve

This reserve offers the Big 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant). Situated a mere hour and a half from Cape Town, what an opportunity to witness some of Africa's greatest. Other options offered include Horseback safaris, quad bike safari and fly in safari's.

Safari Near Cape Town

Fairy Glen Reserve

This is the closest Big 5 reserve to Cape Town only a hour. View not only the Big 5 but Blue Wildebees, Giraffe, Eland and Bontebok to mention but just a few of the incredible sightings that you could experience at this private reserve while in Cape Town.

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Inverdoorn Private Reserve

Two and a half hours out of Cape Town this smaller reserve offers some amazing sightings of wildlife such as, Giraffe, Lion, Cheetah, White Rhino and much more.


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Kagga Kamma Private Reserve

Situated three hours out of Cape Town, this private reserve boasts some splendid Bushman rock art. Enjoy magnificent game drives, guided walks.

Heritage Tours & Safaris is delighted to offer you some incredible and magnificent Safari Packages while in the area of Cape Town.