Wild Dogs Hluhluwe KZN

Wild Dogs in the Hluhluwe game reserve , these are some of Africa's most endangered animals. Hluhluwe Imfolozi game park is one of the most successful breeder programs of wild dog in Africa ...Have a look at these great sighting with one of our guides Jonathan and guest out on safari ........

Furthermore Wild Dogs offer some incredible and fascinating facts and information. During any hunt a Wild Dog will more than often hunt in a pack. This hunt is organized and the main aim of any hunt is to try and out run its prey their by tiring its prey to such a degree that the animal will eventually be killed. The wild dogs will take turns in running at the front of the pack during the hunt and thereby rotating fresh legs continuously. Any hunt by wild dogs has an incredible 95 % success rate even higher than that of Lions.

Wild Dogs have always been regarded as vermin and their number's have dwindled over the last decade. Their survival is important and all attempts are being made in the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. These animals have a total no at present of 6600 in the entire continent of Africa, they are of the most endangered mammals on earth.