Game Reserve

hluhluwe umfolozi lioness in tree

Hluhluwe is one of the top game reserves in south africa , there are many reasons for this , we’ll¬†explore them here . One of the big attraction to hluhluwe Imfolozi game park is its huge animal population , the concentration of elephants , wild dogs , Rhinos, and big cats is really quite amazing…

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South Africa Safari Packages Cost

st lucia south africa activities

South Africa Safari Packages Cost Numerous South Africa Safari Packages are available at varying Cost, we have 4 Amazing and Affordable Safari Packages that wont cost the bank. Ever dreamt of venturing into Zululand South Africa, or maybe you’ve heard of the Zulu’s but never thought about visiting the area. Zululand South Africa is an…

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Hluhluwe Accommodation Rates & Bookings

cheetahs in tree

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park Accommodation Rate Is there a good chance of seeing the big5? Where are the animals In the NORTH OR SOUTH or the park? Well, For example, staying in the North, Hluhluwe, you may encounter Rhino, Buffalo, and Elephants in Summer. During Winter they migrate South towards the Umfolozi River, this however also…

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