Wildlife and Whales Big 6 Safari

Wildlife and Whales Big 6 Safari

Ever imagined it was possible to witness the mighty African Big 5 and then also go insearch of the 3rd largest Mammal on Earth the Humpback Whale all within a distance of 54km. KwaZulu Natal South Africa offers you jut that. Not only is this possible but daily safari departures are available from mid June to end November. The reason for the time period is due to the annual migration that takes place from June to end November as the Humpback Whales past the shores of St Lucia.

Wildlife and Whales Big 6 Safari Wildlife and Whales Big 6 Safari

How: This Big 6 Safari may either be done over 2 days or 1 day. Options include the following.


1Day Big 6 Safari:

Depart from St Lucia a World Heritage Site since 1999 down to the beach via a transfer vehicle ( Heritage Tours & Safaris) once you reach the beach ( Indian Ocean ) you will be met by the skipper and guide that will take you on a 2 Hour outing into the blue yonder. The annual whale migration takes place from June when sightings start occuring from mid June the company offers 40% back guarantee should you not have witnessed the Humpback Whales. The Boat Based Whale Watching outing offers one up close sightings all within the regulated and prescribed authorities. To witness these amazing creatures breach will undoubtedly remain with you for years to come. Tail slapping, Spy Hopping and Sailing are one of numerous sights that one may witness while out at sea. The skipper and guide both have numerous years experience out at sea and they will give you all of the relevant information. On arrival at the vessel the guide and skipper will do a safety briefing as well as discuss the weather conditions at hand. The safety precautions are due to it being a beach launch. The company takes safety seriously and will NOT launch in unsafe conditions.

Once you have arrived back on the beach the company will once again get you back to the info office from where you departed from. This will give you enough time to enjoy a warm cup of Tea or Coffe and then should you have opted for the Big6 One day Safari the company will have a Open Game Drive Vehicle waiting for you at your accommodation of choice.

The game Ranger will then transfer you to the Oldest Game Reserve in Africa, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve 54km. Once you have entered this amazing game reserve the ranger will give you a introduction to the reserve and once again you are off to go insearch of the Big5 ( Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Rhino). This 96000 hectare reserve offers you a terrific opportunity to witness the wildlife. With the Umfolozi Game Reserve being better suited to finding the big 5 the guide will waste no time in trying to find all big5.

Enjoy lunch a traditional braai (barbeque) in one of the many picnic areas while listening to the wildlife overlooking the African Bush.

This safari experience may also be easily experienced over a period of two days, and may also be a full day bush safari.

Should you be interested in this amazing outing please email us today at info@stlucia.co.za and please do let us know if you would like to join the 1 day or 2 day excursion.