Safari Sightings

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Incredible Safari Sightings while on safari into Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park this last couple of weeks, the change from Summer to Winter makes for some incredible sightings as various changes take place this time of year, one the long grass that’s makes sightings very difficult has finally died off, water sources become very scarce and this all contributes to some amazing sights while out on safari into both the Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Park.

Top destinations while in the Umfolozi Park, travel south past Mpila Camp from here one travels by gravel road and with numerous loop roads and hides one has numerous areas from where to witness some amazing sights. We would like to suggest the Sonthuli Loop now only is it a great place to enjoy a picnic but also offers one some magnificent views of the Black Umfolozi River. Keep an eye out as the Elephants like to drink and play in this area. Other areas of interest is No. 28 a loop road and also a great area for the Cheetah travel slowly and you might be surprised around the next corner, with large open plains and less dense bush one really needs to go slow and keep a close eye. Mpafa hide a great area to stretch ones legs however make sure that you have scouted the area before leaving the comfort of your car. Take some refreshments with and just relax and enjoy the animals as they come down to the water source.

Mpila Camp the central area of the Umfolozi Park offers a curio shop, accommodation and also the area from where one departs on the guided walking safaris. Make sure that you have a Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park map as the area seems small one may easily get lost and miss out on some great areas.

The Umfolozi is also a great area in which to observe the African Wild Dogs, keep a close eye as they have just added 6 new cubs to their pack, the last sighting of the Wild Dogs was close to the Mpila Camp. Elephants last witnessed both on the Corridor road as well as the Black Umfolozi River bridge. Leopard was spotted just this morning on the corridor road as well.

For amazing safari sightings drive slow and please do not make use of any of the management roads as these are utilised by the Anti Poaching unit. Should you be interested on the various techniques utilised by the Game Capture unit then make a stop at the Centenary Centre where some you can see the various techniques used till present day.

Until our next update keep tracking and enjoy your next safari into the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park.


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