Safari Trips and Packages from Cape Town

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Safari Trips and Packages from Cape Town

Cape Town has an impressive array of opportunities when it comes to outings, tours and safari trips. Not only is Cape Town one of South Africa’s primary destinations but also one of the most incredible destinations.
Numerous Safari Trips are on offer from Cape Town, these usually include in and around Cape Town or travelling to Kruger National Park however Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve situated in Natal is the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa. This 96000 hectare reserve is home to not only the Big 5 but also Cheetah, Wild Dogs to mention but just the larger of the wildlife in the park.
A safari trip can easily be added onto your Cape Town trip as Durban is the capital city in Natal and a mere 2,5hrs from Durban one will find yourself in true African Bush country.
Heritage Tours & Safaris would like to invite you to participate on one of their various Cape Town Safari packages. The safari packages can either include Cape Town where you will have the opportunity to witness and experience the very best that Cape Town has to offer and then venture into the bush on a true safari.
Compliment your next Cape Town trip with a Safari into bush country. Heritage Tours & Safaris has numerous years’ experience in offering safari packages to numerous destinations including Cape Town and Natal.

While in Cape Town discover the various key destinations such as wine tasting in Stellenbosch, Franschoek, do the Cape Peninsula trip and why not take a trip to Hermanus an incredible village with an opportunity to witness Whales why enjoying some scrumptious meals, then head to Natal where you will be memorised by the wildlife and scenery. Travel to South Africa’s very first world heritage site St Lucia, and then the oldest proclaimed reserve in Africa the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve.
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Safari Trip Tips

When going on a safari while in Africa one needs to prepare ones self various factors play a vital role, these include when and where and more importantly with whom you will be traveling with (safari agent). What hidden costs are involved and to where one will be traveling too. What to pack and what is needed for a safari.
Here are a few tips prior to a safari:
When to travel on safari, this may sound odd however seasons do play a vital role as in sightings, factors such as rainy season, dry season and most importantly where one will be traveling too plays an imperative role. The African bush can be extremely dense at times making sightings incredibly difficult, so always enquire as to when you are planning to travel and make sure that the destination will prove beneficial to sightings. Rainy season could cause you not to get access to certain parts that you would like to or alternatively dry season could mean that you need good watering holes to see the animals congregate.
Various safari agents offer numerous safari trips and packages and then sell them off to secondary agents who might have various other hidden costs. Always make sure that you have enquired wheather or not there are other charges involved particularily when it comes to activities and whether or not they are included in the package.
Always travel with a reputable safari agent one who has years of trackable evidence with social media it is easy nowdays and one should defiantely make sure that you read up and research as much as possible. Research Tripadvisor, Facebook and other social media pages to what their clients have said and whether or not the company had various hidden charges.
Going on safari is a once in a lifetime experience and why should it not be one of the most memorable experiences, here are a few tips on making this come true.


Packing list:

Camera with extra memory cards and possibly a extra battery. Cover all of your lenses in a zip lock bag dust is a true test in Africa and it will get in every where. A good backpack is essential one that zips properly and try one that is waterproof. Don’t where brightly colored clothing, take a light water proof jacket along never mind what the weather predictions are. Always remain vigilant while on and off a game drive vehicle, game reserves are home to wild animals that roam freely.