Animal Evolution

animal evolution

Animal Evolution Explained Animal Evolution All living organisms, especially animals change from generation to generation, changes may not be seen immediately, but immediately impact its appearance in whichever way it behaves. The process of evolution highlights the changes animals undergo, according to their ever-changing surroundings and adapted survival strategies. Over millions of years, this process…

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Animal Behavior

animal behavior

Animal Behavior Animal communication is a process where animals provide other animals with information used in decision making. The way they use to get the information to each other is called a signal. The signal may be known as a sound, color, pattern, posture, movement, touch, electrical discharge, the release of a specific odorant or…

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Animal Diet

animal diet

Animal Diet Animal Diet, Explained All living organisms need techniques to nourish themselves’s. The diets of some animals is completely reliant on the animals in the area it finds itself. The most important tool animals use to survive, is to live on or eat other organisms, this includes plants, other animals and water. Animals adapt…

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Animal Classification

animal classification

Animal Classification Between nine and ten million distinctive species exists on Earth. Each unique species within a genus is named after it’s specific features and physical characteristics. The first word in the animal’s Latin name is the genus, while the second name specifies the exact species. Biologists use a system of classification to organize the…

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Animal Anatomy

animal anatomy

Animal Anatomy Animal Anatomy Anatomy is a division of natural science which study the structure and function of animals and their parts. In-depth knowledge of the structure of an animal communicates a lot of information about the functions it can perform. Understanding the anatomy of animals will help people manage and care for their animals.…

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